People Whom I think Should Start A Blog

People Whom I think Should Start A Blog

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People Whom I think Should Start A Blog 1
Blogging is beautiful when you enjoy writing, researching and finding out new things. There many reasons why people start blogging and there are other reasons why people don’t blog despite having the ability to do so.

Start Your Blog

Even though you don’t have interest in starting a blog, Probably because you feel you don’t have a reason to but I bet you build that need if you fit into any of the category below.

People Who Write Beautifully Well
Though you may have never considered blogging a hobby to add to your other hobbies but if writing is something you enjoy doing, then I shall have to ask you to start a blog today because your written works needs somewhere to glow. Your blog wouldn’t just serve as a place to showcase your writing ability, but it will also help improve the skill.
I’ve seen a Facebook post with over 100 comments and truth is, this person isn’t a celebrity but someone with an amazing writing style!

If you don’t have a blog but enjoy posting to social media, then you definitely need to start your own blog…

People Whom I think Should Start A Blog 2
People Who Enjoy Displaying Their Fashion Sense on Social Media
This is the 21st century and there are lots of fashion inclined people who enjoy uploading pictures and sharing their fashion sense on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and more. How about you create a special world for your looks and fashion sense? Start a blog! People love staring at pictures that can help improve their looks and style sense. Apart from just sharing your style, you can make money from your fashion blog.
Rather than just place every thing on social medias, use them as a channel to drive traffic to your blog. Give an excerpt and attract them over to view even more of you!
Your fashion sense will not just sit in the corner as Google loves blogs!

People Whom I think Should Start A Blog 3
People Who Update so much about their personal lives on social Media
It’s definitely not new to read posts about how someone spent his boring or great day. If your personal life is so much fun to share to people, I’d be intrigued if you don’t consider starting your own blog.
Your blog will surely serve as a good spot to save your daily activities and enable others learn from your fun or mistakes. Well, what are you waiting for?

People Who Enjoy Travelling
Travelling is something I’d love to indulge in frequently! So if you travel a lot and enjoy visiting new places, why don’t you just start your own blog and share your travel experiences?
Take pictures, share your story there maybe someone out there looking endlessly for information about where you just visited!
There are lots of travel blogs online, I’d be glad if an indigenous one is created!

People Whom I think Should Start A Blog 4
People Who know so Much About a Field of Study
Education is an everyday business and it goes hand in hand with learning. Whilst there are people who struggle to get answers to questions that seem unanswerable, there are people who get answers to such questions without struggle. Sometimes assignments lead students online thus there is a big chance that if you start an education blog about a field of study, it wouldn’t take you years to make good money from what you are considerably good at.
Don’t just sit and help only few people, start your own blog so the world can discover what you can offer.

People Who Know So Much About Politics (Political Activists)
Politics is so deep that the world can’t have enough of it. If you are someone who enjoy contracting or talking about politics on social medias, you obviously need to start your own blog! Chances are, there is someone stealing your posts to publish on their blog… No jokes. If you are a political activist, don’t post your stories on social medias, create your blog and build your name!

Apart from the above listed kinds of people who need to start their own blog, there are others, mentioned below;
Sports Fanatics
Music lovers
Upcoming musicians: you need somewhere to upload your songs aside struggling to get into bigger websites.
Fashion Designers
Story tellers
Movie freaks : you can always give spoilers and analyze a movie…
Lovers of poems

So, after reading this, do you still think social medias should keep on swallowing your pretty talents? Come on, start your own blog!

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