Optimize Your Twitter Account With Manageflitter And Statusbrew

Finding and unfollowing tweeps directly on Twitter is a very hard nut to crack… You can barely tell who unfollows you at a particular time.
But with the help of some websites and applications, we can track unfollowers out there but here are my favorites…

manageflitter.com and Statusbrew.com formally unfollowers.com
With ManageFlitter Free accounts can follow/Unfollow over 1000 tweeps
Find inactive users,
Find unfollowers
Follow new people and more…

Visit manageflitter.com

With Statusbrew
You can access it via the web but easier to navigate through the app. All you need do is click on sign it with Twitter and that’s it… It’s got the free and premium account… Free accounts can un-follow upto 100 tweeps…
Statusbrew.com also Provides user with an instagram un-follower tool as well… Apart from its un-following ability.  Statusbrew.com is packed with other features… As seen in the screenshot below



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