Blogger's Diary; what if i'm not an entrepreneur?

Blogger’s Diary; what if i’m not an entrepreneur?

Posted On: November 12, 2018Nomzy

I am not an entrepreneur

Maybe, Just maybe you were never meant to become an entrepreneur.
You are probably pushing too hard trying to fit into a box that cannot and may never carry the weight you hold.
How hurtful did you feel after your first trial?

You know, most times I read and listen to motivational speeches then say to myself “You can do it” Yeah, motivational and inspirational speakers surely know how to make uncertainties certain.

How amazing would it be if you become a business owner?

The need to become a business owner is currently trending. Lots of posts and articles are preaching the need to start up a business. This new trend is getting people worked up and I’m not an exemption. I have been given the idea that working for someone or the government is more like a free ride to getting bossed around.

Would I ever make a good employee?

First, I hate being ordered around, and I definitely can not stand being trampled upon. You can not blame me. I’ve heard about and read quite a handful of stories concerning the inhumane treatments employees endure from employers. I really don’t know if I can deal with it. More so, I fear the unknown. Definitely not all employers are awful but then, you can never tell. Besides the tales of bad bosses are becoming rather popular. Also being your own boss is extremely mouth-watering.

Why am I even getting get worked up?

You probably feel it’s too early to worry over life and work, but then I know life just got real. I am not yet in the labour market, I already feel uncomfortable. Attention is being turned away and oh yes, I’m pretty sure I lost my monthly allowance already, besides 2018 hasn’t really a good year for me financially. Too many complains I guess.

Considering the fact that I do not want to get bossed around, I do not want to do the conventional 9 to 5 job (like I would have a chance to) and I definitely do not want to stay idle. The only way to stay financially stable is by being an entrepreneur. Sad news is, I just might not qualify to be called one, or maybe I’m not ready for entrepreneurship yet.
Do I have marketing skills?
Am I even near?
Do I have the effrontery to shove in hate speeches?
Can I even Stand it?

I searched online for how to know you are an entrepreneurand without getting disappointed, I found articles written by people who for some reason, feel there are certain qualities that for tell an entrepreneur spirit. After reading a handful of these articles, I have been questioning myself;

  • Do I even qualify to become a business owner?
  • What can I create or recreate?
  • What changes can I make?
  • Can I stand the storm?

Too many questions without answers, but then there’s a chance that you too might be questioning yourself.

Can I ever become a business owner?
Maybe I can (just to stay positive)
Maybe I can’t (being realistic)
I’ve got some awfully bad characteristics that may help in erasing the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

Bad Marketing tactics

One thing I suck at is good marketing and like anyone should know, good marketing skills is one essential quality of an entrepreneur. How can I be an entrepreneur when my marketing skills is zero to none? I can’t even convince myself to make a good choice. How then do I convince someone else, who I may have never seen?

I fear the unknown

I fear the unknown and I show it. No matter how hard I try to hide it, it’s always written all over my face, telling the world I’m scared. I’ve let the society instill the act of fearing what happens next.

I hate reading

Did I tell you I hated reading? No, I probably skipped that. I did love reading until scanning through became a thing to me. I can surf through but never settle down to read, unless there was a catch or some price, like passing an exam. Like you, I have seen it not once or twice that reading is one important skill one to have in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

Zero networking

Networking has become vital for business, yet I fail terribly in building a simple relationship with people. Isolation has become a new hobby to me.


If you’ve followed up my blog, you’ll realize that procrastination has been a thorn on my flesh. If I must start up something, then I will have to beat this. But I’ve failed terribly over the years.

Just maybe I’ve got a bad mindset that I need to change concerning not being an entrepreneur.
On the other hand, I may not be ready to start up something yet since all I do Is read and get worried.

I know I lack some entrepreneurial skills, but do you think it’s enough reason to give up on the dreams of starting up a Business?

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