How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Do you want to make money in nigeria as a student?

Even as a student you need your own money because it gets tiring to continuously ask for funds from your parents or guardians.

If you want to know how to make money as a student in Nigeria, this post shows you some of the best ways to earn a living while you study!

Nigerian Students make money

Most times, the answer we want is right in front of us, but we refuse to see or make a meaning out of it for reasons best known to us.

If you are studying in Nigeria, most importantly in one of her many public schools, permit me to call you strong! I know how difficult it is to survive as a student, especially when it’s a new month with no response from home.

There are various legitimate and study friendly things you can do to make money as a student in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. You wouldn’t have to skip a class or ditch a test.

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10 Study friendly things you can do to make money as a student in nigeria

While in school, I took note of the many activities Nigerian students do to make money that you too can try.

With these ideas, some students are able to fend for themselves, pay tuition fees, and still strive in their studies. In the long run, it all boils down to your self-discipline and zeal to succeed.

Sell Clothes

Clothes business

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going into cloth business in the university or higher institution. In fact, it is one of the best businesses you can do to make money as student in Nigeria.

First, understand that you need to be bold enough to advertise your products to people. This and many other businesses require your ability to convince people to buy your products.

There are definitely endless designs and sets of clothes to sell to your course mates and fellow students in general.

People are ever willing to spend money on good clothes and as you should know, clothing is an important requirement for us. We just can’t do without them, besides, looking good is a crazy kind of competition among students.

Types of Clothes to Sell

You can choose to sell both feminine and masculine apparels or simply stick to a gender. Whatever works for you. But having both in stock will definitely increase your chances of better sales.

You are a student and going for designers and expensive clothes is never advisable because, you may not have huge startup capital. Also, your target customers are students. So, unless you plan on going into offices to sell, I recommend you to buy stuff fellow students can afford.

Where to Buy Clothes To Sell

Before you start selling cloths, you need to know what kind of clothes to sell and where to buy them.

The good news is, there are various places to buy cheap clothes to sell for profits. Below are a few ways and places to buy cheap clothes in Nigeria;

Thrift shopping at local markets
Okirika market

Thrift shopping is an English term for ‘okirika’, ‘tokunbo’, ‘gbogbo’, ‘bend down select’, or ‘2nd hand shopping’. This is one of the easiest ways to buy cheap clothes in Nigeria and sell.

It’s no news to you that used clothes have very high market reach because they are affordable.

When thrift shopping, you must be smart, and picky so you don’t end up buying junk that even you wouldn’t want to use.

Since you are a student, your start-up capital maybe a little above small. With as little as N20,000 or less, you can thrift shop at your local market for good clothes.

You will find a lot of stores with varieties of beautiful apparels that you can resell for double the price you got them.

Markets Popular For Cheap Clothing

If you do not want to sell fairly used clothings, there are various ways to shop for new clothes to sell and make money as a student in Nigeria.

When it comes to shopping for cheap clothes, we have to give it up for Aba, Onitsha and Lagos. I know a few people who travel occasionally to go shopping for cheap clothes to sell. Top 20 Places to Buy Cheap Clothes in Nigeria.

Online Marketplaces

Shopping online for clothes you want to sell would definitely not be a bad idea since many online stores sell clothes at cheap rates. There are many online stores to shop on in Nigeria; Jumia, konga and jiji marketplace.

Apart from Nigerian online stores, there are quite a number of good foreign online stores that sell cheap clothes and ship to Nigeria. Aliexpress, Alibaba, shein and Asos are all good online stores to patronise for cheap clothes you can sell for profit.

Note; I often use buyers’ reviews as a guide to find real sellers and good products for sale.

The Aliexpress online marketplace offers both paid and free shipping to Nigeria. You can opt-in for the free shipping if you aren’t in a haste to receive your products. It takes 2 – 4 weeks to ship to Nigeria from Aliexpress.

Cosmetics Business

Make up

Under the makeup business, you can;

  • Sell cosmetic items
  • Become a makeup artist.

Either way, this is a good way to make money as a student in Nigeria.

Sell Cosmetic Items

Most female students in Nigeria make money selling cosmetic tools. I had a few course mates who bought and sold cosmetic items at affordable prices. You can shop for makeup items like eye pencil, lipstick, nail polishes, concealers and a host of many others.

There are various places to buy makeup items to sell to your colleagues and some of these places include, local markets and online markets like Aliexpress, Shein, Zaful, ASOS, Jumia, konga and more. You buy cheaper and sell at higher prices.

Become a makeup artist

You can make good money as a student if you are a makeup artist. The one rule is to know what you are doing. You must learn this skill perfectly before advertising yourself as a makeup artist else you might end up destroying a career you never started.


How to make money as a student in Nigeria 2

Photography is yet another way Nigerian undergraduates use to make money in school. Although the photography business is not one of the easiest, it is a great way to avoid being broke in school.

As a photographer, all you need is a digital camera and some good photography skills. One good thing about photography is that there is always a chance for you to grab a photography deal on occasions like matriculation, convocation and more.

Hair Dressing

Hair salon

There is something peculiar about undergraduate hairdressers; their services are affordable and often accompanied by amazing end results. Oh well, if you’ve got the skill, put it to work and make some money off your female friends.

Printing and Photocopying


I’m sure you know that students do a lot of printing and photocopying of study materials or credentials. You only need a laptop and a printer to start up this business. These days anyone can own a printer as they have become considerably cheap, (all depends on brand and size).

With proper marketing, your room can be your workshop and you can earn a reasonable amount of money if you take a percentage off the conventional price offered by others.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing just like printing and photocopying is highly profitable on campus. There is a constant demand for graphic designers due to regular activities and events on campuses that use posters and flyers to promote.

If you can market yourself adequately, you may end up employing someone to assist you.
To succeed in graphic design, you should be great with tools and software like Photoshop or Corel draw.

Graphic designing is a competitive business in campuses as you have students and non-students struggling for dominance, so it’s advised that you perfect your skills before hopping into this business.

Online Registrations

A laptop and internet access is all you need to start up a small online registration business. Students often register or apply for different services ranging from course registration, scholarships, grants, admission processing and many more.

You do not need a basic skill to succeed in this business except good marketing skills, patience, and ultimate attention as some of these registrations are important and delicate.



Modeling could have been a great recommendation safe for the fact that it can be very distracting and you can get exploited. To excel, students need to push themselves to limelight by attending shows, going for casting calls, or even taking part in pageants.

Organize Tutorial Classes And writing materials

Some students who are good in a particular course or courses, often organise paid classes or create paid materials. First-year students are often the target market.

Bake and sell Snacks

Students often bring homemade snacks like buns, cakes, pies, and drinks like zobo to sell to fellow students in class and hostels. This can bring good money if one sells strictly and employ good marketing strategies.


I bet you’ve gotten just the right answers to your question on how Nigerian undergraduates make money. So, there’s a 99% chance that you can make money while in school as long as you engage in any of the above-listed methods diligently. While you indulge in any method that works for you, do not forget the major reason for being in school.


  • *Bookmarks page*
    Of all the great pointers you’ve shared, the one about organising tutorial classes settles well with me. Organising tutorials is something I do for free now and since there’s an ideal market for this “business” in the university, I don’t see why I shouldn’t give it a try.
    To add to your tips, editing students’ writeups is another great way to earn as a student, too. Some people, like me, are lazy to write for others, but we always find it easy to tweak their writing until it’s close to perfect. If one’s writing skills are powerful, one can edit the writing (essays, research papers, etc) a great number of people in one day and charge a fair price. It’s a hassle-free way to earn as a hustler.

    • If you do it for free, you should learn to get paid for it dear. Also, I am kinda new to the editing aspect, but I trust you should have done it to recommend it. I just listed the popular few I know of. Thanks for dropping by.

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