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Namecheap Review; How To Know It’s Best For You

November 19, 2018Onome
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If you have looking for an updated Namecheap Review that will help you know whether the web host is good enough for you; Then, this post was created just for you.

Namecheap is a popular domain registrar as you know. But hey, it also boasts as one of the cheapest yet reliable web hosting service for bloggers. They have hosting plans that are budget friendly especially for new bloggers and start-ups.

Apart from domain and hosting services namecheap also provides email, SSLs, website builder and more with 24-hour reliable support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

In this blog post I will be reviewing Namecheap as a hosting provider.

My Namecheap Review

If you’ve always wanted to start up a blog, migrate from blogger to WordPress, or to, Namecheap might just be what you have been looking for. I successfully moved my blog from blogger to WordPress using namecheap as my hosting provider, and my experience with them have been good so far.

I believe you have considered or thought of setting up your blog or website with the web hosting Site but need a user review to clear your doubts about its durability, then let my honest Namecheap Review help you out.

After two years with namecheap, I believe that based on my experience with them, I know just enough to help you make a choice with the web host on whether it is good for you or not.

Pros of using Namecheap Hosting. What I like

1. Cheap Hosting plans

Namecheap provides really cost effective hosting plans, one of best rates in the industry. Her hosting plans are not just very cheap but reliable. Below is a basic break down of her shared hosting;

  • NameCheap shared hosting plans includes; Stellar at $30.88/yr but can be gotten at $15.44 for the first year.
  • Stellar Plus at $52.88/yr; but can be gotten at 38.88 for the first year
  • Stellar Business at $98.88/yr; but can be gotten at $78.88 for the first year.
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2. Easy To Navigate Interface

Namecheap offers a very easy to navigate site. You don’t get confused as to what step to take next. Its navigation is clear enough.

3. Multiple Payment Option

One thing you’d love on namecheap is the multiple payment options it offers. At the moment, you can pay with credit cards, PayPal, Dwolla (US residents) and BitCoin. Not many companies accept bitcoin payment but namecheap is making thing easier by going the Cryptocurrency way.

4. Onboarding & Account Management

Signing up for a new web hosting plan on namecheap is extremely easy. The process of getting a new hosting plan up and running is super easy and clear.

After signing up for a hosting plan, an email will be sent to you immediately with your sign in credentials so you can log in to your new hosting cpanel. There are also tons of tutorials to help you. This post will help you start your first blog on namecheap.

5. Great Customer Support Service

Namecheap has a very helpful customer support service, this in fact is one quality you should look out for in a web hosting company as you will always need guidance when you run into neck breaking issues.

One amazing thing love about namecheapis the fact that their customer support is live 24/7 and there’s a 99% chance that you’ll get someone to speak to you in times of need.

6. Free SSL for New Domains

As a namecheap user, you are entitled to up-to 50 free SSL for any new domain you add for the first year. Whether you are simply buying a new domain or hosting a domain registered on another registrar, you are entitled to a free SSL for the first year.

7. Easy To Navigate Cpanel

Namecheap review

The namecheap Cpanel is extremely easy to navigate and understand even for a newbie.

8. Up-to 99% Uptime

Although they promise a 100% Uptime, I’d say they offer 99% website uptime.

9. 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Fear you’d end up unsatisfied with namecheap? Don’t worry, you can get a full refund if you discover that the hosting provider isn’t best for you within 30 days.

Contrary to what you have been reading Namecheap actually offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

10. Free Site Transfer

Incase you are switching hosts, You can move your site from another web host to namecheap for free

Cons Of Using Namecheap Hosting; What I Dislike

Whilst there are likeable features and qualities, below are stuff I dislike about namecheap;

1. Namecheap Server Response Time

This is by far the biggest downside of using namecheap. The server response time can a negative mark but do note that most time bloggers and website owners are to blame for server load time.

Some actions and habit that can increase server load time includes; installing a theme with too many scripts, installing too many plugins. The server speed is one of the most disliked feature and if you’ve read other namecheap reviews, I am pretty sure you should have bumped into complains as such.

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2. No Free .com Domain for The first year

While this may not a downside to me, it can be a downside to others. Although namecheap offers a .website domain for every hosting purchase, I’m super super this isn’t what users want. But hey, Namesilo offers .com domain names at a dirt cheap price.

3. Stellar Plus Disk Space is not Unlimited

Isn’t it funny that namecheap is promising an unlimited disk space on stellar plus and a 50gb disk space on stellar business plan? Bottom line, it’s not unlimited.

4. Not Great For E-commerce sites

No doubt, namecheap has good and catchy price plans but if you have intentions of hosting an E-commerce site, then I’d tell you to look else where.

Like I said earlier the unlimited disk space on stellar plus plan isn’t really unlimited so hosting an e-commerce site is not advised since you will have to do lots of file uploads. You wouldn’t want to get stranded due to low disk space.

5. SSL Certificate is free for just the first year

Although namecheap offers free SSL certificate for the first year on your first 59 domains, I wish they could simply make this free for ever as most web hosting sites do. After the first year, customers will have to pay a renewal fee of $8.88/yr for each domain.

Comparing Namecheap to BlueHost

Namecheap Vs Bluehost

The reason I’m adding this to my namecheap review is because bluehost is the next go for bloggers on budget. A lot of people would rather recommend this hosting plan.

Before you read further, know that there are tons of outdated namecheap review on the internet. Bluehost aside being a popular alternative to namecheap, it is also endorsed by WordPress as one of the best hosting providers for wordpress sites.

While I have not used bluehost, there are a lot of reviews and namecheap Vs bluehost comparisons on the internet. A simple Google search could give you tons of comparison posts most favouring bluehost.

There are a few obvious Differences that I can further spell out to you below.

1. Pricing

As per cost, namecheap is very much cheaper than bluehost. Namecheaps’s cheapest plan starts at $24.88/yr while blueshost’s starts at $59.40/yr. Aside the pricing difference, bluehost discount pricing is a bit confusing and tricky.

The initial discount price you see on its start and pricing page isn’t actually the real pricing per year.

They are broken down in the formant below;

BlueHost Actual Pricing For Each Hosing plan

[table id=5 /]

From the above table, it’s clear that to avail the advertised $2.75 per month hosting plan, you’ll have to buy the 36 or 60 months basic plan.

It’s actually a pretty good idea to settle for blueshost’s 36 or 60 month hosting duration. This is because, if you have the funds because you wouldn’t have to bother about renewing your plan until 3 or 4 years has gone by. This system will be helpful if you want to build your blog without worries in long term.

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Free Domain Name

While both hosts offers free domain name for the first year, bluehost offers a .com domain as against Namecheap’s .website domain.

Free SSL Certificate

I am sure you know that SSL certificate has become a crucial quality for every website. You get it free for 1 year on Namecheap and free for ever on bluehost.

Site Transfer

I mentioned earlier in my namecheap review that web host offers free site migration if you’d love to move your existing website to them. But bluehost does this for a whopping $149.99. But as a wordpress user, you can actually do this by yourself for free..

Site Speed

Although Namecheap isn’t so much when it comes to website speed, A little test ran on pingdom shows clearly that most webpage saying it sever load was much also had so loading site. Bluehost according to its users manages site load properly.

Should You Settle For Namecheap?

I am pretty sure that you have quite enough information about the hosting company after reading this namecheap review and now need to know if its a great choice to make for your blog or website.

Truth is;

It all depends on you;

If you are on budget, I’d say go with Namecheap!

Contrary to what most bloggers say, it is not an awful host, especially when you are just starting out. Different people have different experience and story to tell. Like I said earlier, Namecheap has been good for my growing blog.

Hosting an E-commerce Site

If you want to host an e-commerce site, I’d say go for a better host like siteground not even bluehost… It’s one of the most recommended web hosts but it isn’t as cheap as namecheap or bluehost.

Starting Out and On Budget

Not every one have enough money to go for bigger hosts. if you are just starting and for some reason do not have enough money to blow into hosting your website or blog, then you should settle for Namecheap. It is a good web host and as I mentioned earlier it is inexpensive.

Want To Move From a Crappy Host and On Budget

I understand that there are lots of crappy hosts in the internet, but namecheap is not one of the. so if you are currently with a crappy host and need to move your blog or website but on budget, then namecheap is a very good decision to make. Once you’ve secured a hosting plan, they can help you transfer your website to their sever for free.

Best Hosting Plan To Buy on Namecheaps

If you ask me, I will say StellarPlus.


Through out the course of my namecheap review, you will notice I constantly used the word ‘budget’; this is not because Namecheap is a bad host, but because a lot of people on budget are with terrible hosts.

If you need to buy a good hosting plan without spending much then you should settle with this host. It’s safe and secure.

Namecheap hosting review

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