Mistakes Never To Make With Google Adsense

Adsense is an ad network owned by Google INC, Some group of smart asses. You should never toil with them. Never try to deceive them, you will only implicate yourself.

Before signing up for AdSense, Google sounds some strict notice to you, never click on your own ads, solicit for clicks or fix ads in any deceptive manner. But what happens when you ignore all this?

Google Adsense is smart enough to know defaulting publishers and won’t hesitate to disable you. And trust me, reinstatement after appeal would be like you trying to run from your shadows, if you know what I mean. It’s a 1% chance stuff. Truth is, you may never get reinstated.

So, what have I been trying to Tell You?

  1. Never click on your own ads, Google will know, they basically know a lot about you.
  2. Never solicit for clicks.
  3. Never deceive your readers into clicking your ads unjustly.
  4. Above all, pray that you don’t get an enemy who wouldn’t mind click bombing you.

Before applying for adsense, read the (Terms of Service) TOS even though 99% of us click on accept without going through the TOS.

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