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Manage Blogging Alongside Daily Activities

October 9, 2016
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shout out to every blogger out there..
  You are cute… 
It’s a lovely Sunday afternoon and I’d love to have a virtual chitchat with you, well, it’s still a chitchat anyway, even though I type alone. 
I’ve been blogging, you probably have been blogging, but you may just be new to blogging. 
Blogging is a hobby, occupation or an habit…  well,  it shouldn’t be an habit, because that wouldn’t be a good habit… 
If you blog full time, or part-time, you still need to learn how to manage your time so you don’t go overboard because blogging can be really addictive especially when you enjoy what you are doing… 
So,  how to you manage yourself so you don’t get a hangover from blogging or get transformed to a procrastinator, (obviously you nor I want such). 
First thing first, you need determination, and self assurance, you can draw a timetable and not make use of it. You can draw a plan and not put it to action.
Because, you were never determined to.
  You need to fight procrastination to make this work! You may end up missing an exam someday if you are a student. 
Once you’ve fight that procreation, You can draw a timetable so your blogging gets its rightful place in your daily plan. 
When to start, when to end. 
It can be for 3-4 hours or more, depending on your daily schedule… 
If you don’t want to post immediately,  then you can schedule it to be posted at the right time… 
Give a few minutes for rest before you jump to your next activity. Blogging should not be a self tormenting tool. 
once you’ve drawn your timetable, try to keep to it! 
Don’t procrastinate… 
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