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Capterra Reviews; Earn Upto $150 For Reviewing Products On Capterra

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Earn up $100 to $150 for taking part in Capterra Reviews

Have you ever made use of a product and talked about it to someone else, detailing stuff you liked and disliked about it? If yes, then I’d love to tell you that you’ve done a review, even if it’s unknown to you.

Make Money Online Reviewing Products on Capterra

You can actually make up to $150 for reviewing products you are using or have used.
I bet you have used one or more of the software/product/tool listed below;

Now, imagine earning $10 for each review you write about the products above. If you’ve used all 10 products, then you can drop a review about them on capterra and earn $100 redeemable via giftcards or visa card.

What Is Capterra?

According to Wikipedia,
Capterra is a free Web service that aims to help businesses find the right software solutions.

What Wikipedia didn’t tell us is the fact that capterra is also an online review site that pays users for reviewing (up to 10) products they have used for $10 each. It’s okay to doubt this, because I did too when I first got introduced to the platform. It was seemingly too good to be true, but reverse is the case now.

Capterra as earlier mentioned is an online review site that pays users to review products they have used. Users are expected to write about the pros (likes) and cons (dislikes) of products they choose to review.

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Capterra is 100% free and legit and from what I’ve learnt, Capterra gets opened for new reviews on occasions and right now, they are taking new user reviews.

Discovering Capterra Reviews

I was introduced to Capterra by a friend, and as mentioned earlier, I doubted its legitimacy. I was obviously pushed aback by its prize per review. Capterra turned out legit after I received my first payment, $5 which I redeemed for a virtual visa card (best for international redemption).

How Capterra Works

All Capterra wants you to do is review software and services you’ve used. There are tons of products on capterra to review and I bet you’ve used one if not 10.

Joining capterra is probably one of the easiest thing to do. There is no long process for registration and all you are required to do is sign in with your LinkedIn account (which I assume you should have) whenever you want to review a product.

Note: I do not know if capterra accepts newly created LinkedIn accounts, but you can give it a shot and create a new LinkedIn account if you’ve never owned one.

Important Notice
Capterra will pay you $5 for your first review, then $10 each for 10 more reviews. thus, each user is limited to 10 reviews after which you’ll stop getting paid for your reviews. But hey $100 is a great deal to earn for sharing your review about a product.

Note: You might be reinvited by Capterra to complete 10 more reviews after your first 10 as I was.

Detailed Guide On Dropping Your First Product Review On Capterra

Remember I made mention of the fact that you do not need to register on capterra because it uses linkedin to create accounts for users.

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• First visit Capterra, You should see a site similar to one below.

I use my smartphone to access capterra, hence the mobile view.

• Once you are on the capterra site, to begin your review, Click on the “Write Review Now” or use the search box to find a product you are using or have used in the past. Below are possible blogging and tech savvy products/software you may be using.

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Surveymonkey
  • Ahrefs
  • Google doc
  • Google hangout
  • Google drive (drive by Google)
  • Google sheet
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft excel
  • Microsoft word

• Once you’ve searched for and clicked the product you would like to review, Let’s assume you want to review WordPress; simply click on the review button, once this is done, a pop up will appear requesting that you sign-in using your linkedIn ID.

All you have to do is sign into your LinkedIn account, allow capterra to access your account then you’ll get directed to the product you want to review. (capterra uses your LinkedIn ID to verify that you are a real human having proper knowledge of the software you review).

The review is divided into 3 pages;

  1. User overall ratings of the software
  2. User detailed review about the product’s pros and cons.
  3. User usage details

• When you submit your review, capterra will notify you with an email about their approval criteria (this happens whenever you submit a new review).

Note: Your review once approved will get published in 5 days but it can take up-to or more than 19 days to receive your payment.

Earning an Extra $50

I stated earlier that you can earn up to $150 with Capterra. I’m not taking back my words. The additional $50 can be made only if you refer up-to 10 friends who write their first successful review. By successful I mean a review that gets approved and published.
Your referral link is sent to you after you get paid for your first review and submit a second review. If you sign up through my capterra referral link I will earn bits of the extra $50 if you write a review that gets approved.

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Capterra payment methods

Capterra funds are redeemable only via giftcards or virtual visa card. If you are not in the US, I’d advise you to opt-in for the virtual visa card except you plan on selling your giftcards, because you can’t use them outside the US.

  • The virtual visa card can be used to shop online on any shop where visa cards are accepted as payment methods.
  • Giftcards can be sold for cash to vendors who are interested in purchasing them.

My Experience And Capterra Payment Proof.

Capterra Reviews payment proof

19 days after I received my first $5, I successfully completed my 10 additional reviews.

Capterra Reviews payment proof

Today, 7 days after my first additional review, I received $75 ($5 for referring a friend). This made me discover that only the first approval take up to 19 days, but this may be individually different. I await the approval of my remaining 3 reviews.

Note: You might be reinvited by Capterra to complete 10 more reviews after your first 10 as I was.

Also, I will get an extra $5 if you join using my capterra referral link and get your first review approved.

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  • Ayomide Kusamotu

    I applied already, i already wrote my first review, i wrote two tho, but i’m nt seeing anything like a user panel where i can see the amounts earned. And please, how do i get my referral link?

    • Onome

      Hi Ayomide, since you’ve written your first review, be patient, if your review gets approved, you’ll be mailed a $5 reward. Once you receive the first reward, review another product, you will receive a mail instructing you to refer friends, click to be directed to your user panel where you get to see your approved reviews number of referred friends and your referral link… Remember every individual is entitled to 10 reviews after the first… All the best…

  • emintah92

    Do they have options of payment via PayPal or any online payment system? And how do we get a virtual visa card? please create articles on these issues because it knowledge is impotant in this case. And Thanks For Sharing, will sure use your refferal link.

    • Onome

      Hi Emintah… There is no cash out via PayPal or any other online payment processors. They simply give you gift cards. But you can use your virtual visa card on PayPal. Also… Capterra gives you a virtual visa card if you choose it as a means to claim your reward.

  • Ekenechukwu

    I will give this a try.
    You did a very wonderful review of capterra here.
    I will sure register using your referral link.
    But by virtual Visa card you mean?
    Please shine more light lol

    • Onome

      Please do. A virtual visa card is a credit card, though not accessed physically can be used to shop in sites where VISA cards are accepted.

  • Sunlightdreamer

    Oh wow this is quite interesting. I don’t blame you for being skeptical at first cause I too would have been skeptical because so many frauds and false truths on the internet these days.
    Nicely done…xxx

    • Onome

      Yeah, I hope you’ll try it… 🙂

  • Atinuke

    This is interesting. If not for this review, I’d not think of trying it out because there are so many lies on the internet now. Will give this a try with your link. Thanks for sharing!

    • Onome

      Welcome and good luck with your reviews

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