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Kimono Robes for an everyday woman

June 15, 2018Onome

If you have been a lover of comfort, I’m sure you would employ every means to stay out of discomfort, even in the most stressful moment. Imagine sitting on your work table, doing your job and feeling comfortable in your fluffy, silky or cotton kimono robe. The comfort is clearly unimaginable.

Talking about comfort and work, I’ve always fantasized about being a work at home lady, who gets cozy on her couch, with a beautiful kimono robe to complement her femininity. Beautiful huh? It’s achievable too.

What Are Kimono Robes?

Okay, you are probably wondering,
“What the hell is she talking about?”
I will safe you the stress of going through Google and give a brief overview of kimono robes.

Kimono Robes are traditional Japanese garments, meaning “something to wear.” They were normal everyday wears worn by people in Japan, up until the advent of modernization which caused the popularity of western styles. Kimono robes are mostly associated with long sleeves and when worn, they go all the way down to your heels.

Should You Own A Kimono Robe?

I’m falling in love with the Japanese traditional robe, which somehow have also evolved to becoming bath wears as well. But they can be just more than that! They are currently getting popular among ladies due to their feel, elegance, look and simplicity. I’m a lady, and I fantasize owning one or more kimono robes for my everyday routine in and out of the bathroom. It’s the perfect wear for a lady who’s interested in comfort even while going on with her daily activities.

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While people like us are new to this garment, there are lots of fashion bloggers guiding not so stylish people like me on wearing the beautiful dress on YouTube, social medias and blogs. Google also answers to a lot of people.

Where To Buy Kimono

With the growing popularity of this dress, kimono robes can be gotten from online shops or local markets around you.

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