A Personalised iwriter Review: Is It A Good Choice For Writers?

iwriter review

If you are looking to work with iwriter but in need of a genuine iwriter review, then I’d be glad to let you know that this post will be of great help to you. I wrote a post introducing new writers to iwriter earlier this year when I first discovered them.

It’s so sad that iwriter didn’t turn out as expected, considering the fact that I once hailed them for giving new writers a chance of making money online by writing.

Literally, you can start making money off your writing skills as soon as you join the website. But then, after my short time with iwriter, I would suggest that you double check your decisions before jumping in to write for requesters in the website.

For requesters, iwriter is really a great choice if you are in search of cheap articles but for writers, reverse is the case, especially if you are a standard writer (the lowest level of a writer in the site). There are four stages for a writer “Standard, premium, Elite and Elite plus writers”

How Iwriter Works For Writers

As a writer, you start off with iwriter as a Standard writer which is the lowest level of a writer in iwriter. Since you are just Starting out, you will be restricted to writing only basic articles until you upgrade to a higher level.

In order to upgrade to a premium writer, you are expected to write 30 articles and have a star rating of 4 or more. Alternatively, you can buy your way into becoming a premium writer by paying $197 and writing 3 articles on topics given to you.

The Very Bad Side of Iwriter

• Horrible Requesters
Iwriter would have been great if the requesters were fair enough on writers. Requesters are often arrogant and can reject an article written by you for no reason. They can as well say just anything about you and the article you’ve written.

Some crazy reviews you are likely to come by in iwriter include;

“Thank you for your time, but I don’t like it”

“Keyword not found in article”

“I don’t like it, horrible writer”

“It did not flow”

This above is just a glimpse… You may find much more horrible reviews than this online.

You should know that, a requester can ask for an article to be reviewed and corrections made where necessary but I guess they are too horrible to ask for an article review.

Some requesters go as far as threatening to give writers bad reviews if they opt in to write their articles because they’ve reserved it for their favourite writers. Well, this is rather absurd and I believe an avenue was created by iwriter for requesters seeking to patronize a specific writer!

• Bad Writer Protection

Another con of working with iwriter is that, as a writer, you aren’t protected. The iwriter team if I’m not mistaken is more concerned with requesters and the money they make from writers. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about an unjust rejection/rating and your article is likely to be used by a requester after been rejected.

• Consequences of a bad writer rating in iwriter

The saddest part of these rejections is that, with every rejection and bad review, comes a chance of you being locked out of iwriter.

Here is why;

As a new writer, you are not expected to have a rating of less than 3.0 after 5 articles because you’ll get banned from writing articles.

• An issue With Article deadline

The deadline for the submission if articles by writers is also a thing a concern. Imagine writing a 300 words article in 2hours. Trust me, too short for proper research.

My humble review

I had my own fair share of iwriter’s ugly experience and I must say, that they really need to improve on how they treat their writers. I actually believe that they take advantage of their writers (there’s every possibility that I am wrong). But they should realize that the treatnent given to writers by requesters is absolutely uncalled for.

If the reason of the less concern for writers is the fact that there are some spam and garage writers, then iwriter should work more on their approval rate and personally review the works of new writers to ensure that they meet the standard needed.

Is Iwriter Scam?

Iwriter is definitely not scam but I wouldn’t blame anyone who labels it as scam due to their unjust policy on writers.

Do I recommend I writer?

I absolutely do not and will not recommend iwriter to anyone until they work on their policy and protect their writers as well. It’s basically a waste of time and I had to end my membership with them.

Are there better Websites to work with?

Definitely there are but sadly these websites might not be the best fit for a startup writer (iwriter was supposed to makeup for that).

Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, SeoClerk.com and Upwork.com (Read Niall Doherty’s article on finding good job offers on Upwork) are some great places to start looking for writing jobs but they are saturated with highly rated writers whom employers wouldn’t overlook for start ups.

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  1. Belle

    iwriter is a junk website. Lots of scam requesters in there.

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