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iwriter Review: Make Money Writing Articles

March 30, 2017
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It will be hard for start ups to make a living online if they choose to work in most work from home websites because these websites are often saturated with a number of workers having thousands of positive reviews and ratings. Who would  leave a man with 500 positive ratings and hire someone with little or no ratings? 1 in a 100 persons I guess. If you are a very good writer and wish to make money writing articles but do not want to go to those saturated sites, this post is directed specifically at you. In here, I will introduce iwriter to you. I honestly got to find out about this website few weeks ago, though it isn’t new but the only excuse I have is ” you definitely can not know it all!”

The good thing about iwriter is that, it is open to everyone, you don’t have to bid or write some long proposal message, like most similar sites . You can register and start making money in less than a day. No jokes but not to sugarcoat anything, it isn’t as easy as it probably looks to you. You need to know how to write good content and finish articles given to you in the stipulated time frame.

Joining iwriter

iwriter review

Being a part of iwriter is one of the simplest thing to do… You basically just have to fill in your details as you are use to doing online and get yourself an account. This site offers you what most websites don’t and even as a new writer in the site, you get to make money writing articles in no time. This makes it the best place for a start up writer. As a member, you are a content writer and requester but you know what’s your business in there.

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There are level of writers in iwriter 

  1. The Standard writers, this is the level a new writer finds himself. Here your struggle for articles and  there are few requesters making use of writers in this level. It takes less than 30secs for an article request to be taken by another writer, I call it survivor of the fittest. To get out of this level, you need to write 30 articles and attain a star rating of 4 or more. Thus, you will have to struggle to build your rank to go higher.
  2. Premium writers; writers in this level have attained 30 positive reviews and a 4.6 star rating. They earn twice the amount a Standard writer earn per words requested. You will need to struggle to get here because there are more article requests waiting to be served.
  3. Elite Writers; If you can get to this level, then you will surely make a good living from writing articles because writers in here are paid twice the money premium writers are paid. 
  4. Elite Plus Writers;  getting here is pretty little tough. To mention but a few, you need to have good knowledge of Seo, be extremely good at writing, grammar construction and you should be able to write up to 10 articles per day. 

Image according to payments in all levels below.

make money writing articles

  From the explanations above, I guess you know what kind of writer you will be when you register. 

In case you detest being a standard writer and wish to become a premium writer easily, you can settle for iwriter’s option of paying $197 and writing 3 articles on topics given to you. This doesn’t guarantee you the promotion to a standard or elite writer…

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getting Started as a writer

At this stage, I assume that you’ve created an account and ready to start writing, but before you begin, iwriter needs to test your skills. Don’t worry, there are just 15 objective questions, not too difficult to answer. The questions are meant to test your use of English. Once you’re done answering the questions, you will be taken to the Requesters page. Here you can pick an article you will be able to write. 

Writing your First Article

Their are lots of articles requests In the writers request page, but at this point, you can only write Standard level articles because you are a standard writer. Each level is indicated in the articles being requested. 

iwriter review

Always choose articles, rewrites and ebooks you can write and don’t go copying and pasting or spinning articles for requesters, you won’t last a week with such attitude. 
Read instructions given by the requester and contact him as the case may be.
Also, don’t write shabbily, requesters can reject your article and give you negative reviews which wouldn’t be good for your writing career in iwriter.

Getting paid

For the safety of writers, iwriter makes sure that a requester funds his account before requesting for articles… Thus, they stand as a middleman between the requester and the writer. Once a requester accepts an article, a writer’s account gets credited with the stipulated cash

Iwriter offers a minimum payout of $20, strictly via paypal. The minimum payout can be easily reached, it is easier when you are a premium, elite or elite plus writer as 1 article can actually go beyond minimum payout.
What happens when your country isn’t accepted by paypal? Well, you can opt in to use 3rd party personnels to withdraw your cash.

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Rules of iwriter
Iwriter despite looking so simple hold some strict rules writers need to work by in order to remain a part of iwriter’s writers.

  1. As a new writer, you are expected not to have a rating of less than 3.0 after 5 articles, else you get banned from writing articles…
  2. If your account is repeatedly reported as spam, you risk losing your account.

What I Think About I writer

I’ve read in a couple of blogs and review sites that tag iwriter as scam. Truth is the site is no scam, however, it is filled with frustrating requesters who may reject your work and end up using it in their blogs.

The site also, may I say, do not care about their writers… You get your article rejected, given a bad review and probably get cheated… No admin looking out for the fareware of writers. iwriter makes article requesters gods over article writers. 

Note: Avoid requesters with low rate of approval as your article may never get approved…

After all said and done, if you think you got what it takes to make money writing articles in iwriter, what are you waiting for?


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