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How To Interlink Old Posts To Engage Users More

December 15, 2016

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If you’ve noticed, I almost always post my contents with some interlinkings to my older blog posts. This is something I learnt while trying to figure out how to get to the top genuinely. and I honestly have noticed its importance and I want you to also have an insight of why this practice is important.

Don’t just write a blog post and promote it on social media sites, forums, blog, and etc. you will definitely get visitors but it will be for that blog post alone. Your visitors might take a look at 2-3 more posts then leave without looking back.

What is interlinking?

Interlinking is the of making links within a blog or a website. interlinking is an addition of links that connect two pages of the same website. This link is a simple example of internal linking; as a part of SEO strategy

. I just made a link to another page of this blog and that would navigate crawlers as well as users to that page.

How does Interlinking help in user experience and SEO?

1. Further Reading:

It should be your primary motive to publicize older posts of your blog by interlinking it to your new blog posts and also to provide users further reading options and suggestions in where they can explore related topics in your blog.

The Related Posts section at the end of your blog posts will not have the same success rate that a link in the main article has.

2. Increased Visitor engagement and pageViews:

Interlinking helps in keeping visitors for a longer time, your pageviews will increase when you use this kind of strategy.

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3. SEO:

Interlinking your old articles will help you in increasing page rank of your internal pages. It will also help in building the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase by which you are linking your article to. update some of your old articles too, because the visitor that go from you main article to your older linked article may leave your blog there but if you provide interlinking at your older pages too thrn again, the chain continues.

Healthy Interlinking

1. While interlinking makes use of good relevant keywords to the article, you’re linking to.

2. Try to link to only relevant posts and only if it is necessary. Don’t overload your post with interlinks.

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