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How To Start A Vlog

December 29, 2016Joseph O.
start a vlog
I  have written a brief overview of what you should know about vlogging and this post centers on the steps and guides to starting a vlog.
You can read my previous post which introduces you to Vlogging if you are just hearing this for the first time…
Setting up a vlog is a hundred times easier than setting up a blog, here you don’t need to worry about getting a custom domain name or hosting your blog on a server (if you don’t want a blog for your vlog)… The basic requirement to starting a vlog is a gmail acount… 
before we go over the steps in setting a Vlog, let’s take a look at the necessities needed before creating your vlog.

1. A good camera
you definitely need to get a camera with great picture quality to shoot your videos and your smartphones and laptops can do just that in case you aren’t ready for a new product… Just make sure your device’s picture quality is high…

2. Good Audio Quality
Since you Will be doing a lot of taking depending on what you want to vlog about, you need to consider the audio quality of your device as well.
3. Boost your self confidence
This is something a whole lot of us struggle to win and to start a blog, you need to boost your self confidence and fight that shyness off. Want to start a vlog? then fight it!
So Now that you have gotten the above necessities, let’s move over to creating our vlog and we will be using YouTube to host our vlog since it’s the most used and recommended.
The very simple steps below;
√. first thing first, you need a YouTube account and to have one, you need to have a Google account, create one now if you don’t have any. Your Google account is your gateway to YouTube and once you are logged in on Google, you can access YouTube… 
√. Once you’ve accessed YouTube, you can create your YouTube vlogging channel by visiting this link;
√. After creating the YouTube channel, you are ready to start making videos! Alright, so now you have a quality camera to record a vlog and your YouTube channel to upload your vlog.
It’s time to actually start vlogging. If you
don’t know what to vlog about, you can video what
you do everyday, ranging from your hobbies, things on your mind and so on… you can do some challenges or anything else.
Once you are satisfied with the video you have made, Upload them!
My next two vlogging posts will throw more light on how to make cool YouTube videos and How to do them with your android phones…
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