How to make money Online as a Nigerian

How to make money Online as a Nigerian

Last Updated On: March 25, 2018Nomzy

Make Money Online In Nigeria

Welcome to Nigeria where everything seem so hard and not so easy…

Generally, many people claim that it is easy to make money online. But then, due to the many restrictions, it has become really hard to make money online as a Nigerian. There are various ways to earn money online but for some reasons, Nigerians are restricted to most of these earn money online opportunities.

For the purpose of individuals looking for how to make money online as a Nigerian and legally, I have done my research and found a few ways that Nigerians can earn real money online.

Listed in no particular order, below are the few ways to make money online as a Nigerian.

These are not very easy but achievable.


1. Blogging

Of course, this is one amazing way to Make Money Online but not one of the easiest ways to make money as a Nigerian. To earn money online by blogging, you need patience and consistency. You need to build your blog patiently until advertisers cannot reject your request to promote ads.

You can start a blog and become a micro niche blogger in that you blog on a particular small niche and place affiliate links in it to get commission for every purchase made through your link.

Currently, we have thousands of individuals who make money blogging in Nigeria and most of these people have spent little or nothing to start out this profitable online business in Nigeria.

you can simply start by creating a free blog on or create a wordpress blog with bluehost at a cheap rate for the first year

2. Get Paid To Promote

You can work as an online promoter for sites like winthrillsnetwork and revsplitnetwork.
To earn, you need to copy ads and post on facebook, twitter, google and LinkedIn which in turn will get clicked by your friends and followers in order enable you earn.

3. Taking Surveys

You can actually make money online as a Nigerian by taking surveys in sites like point2shop, surveysavvy and more..

4. Selling your qualifications

You can sell your qualifications online in that you showcase what qualities you have and let people hire you… Sites like freelancer and fiverr are good places to make money with your qualifications.


This article is a basic overview for people looking for how to make money online as a Nigerian. You can revert to this more updated post on the GENUINE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NIGERIA.

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