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How To Make Money Without A Job

May 16, 2017Joseph O.
Make Money Without A Job
I guess you’ve seen several adverts promoting the fact that you can actually make money without a job but, really! Have you ever known or encountered anyone who makes money without doing anything?
 Truth is, visiting sites or platforms that promise to help you make money without a job is only just a death trap. Because you are going to be a victim of  unnecessary spending that you will definitely regret in the long run!

Make money online taking surveys with 
There is absolutely no way you can make money without a job unless of cause you want to resort to begging or scamming and truth is to some, begging for money and scamming is a job, a very bad one indeed. 
There is absolutely no way you can make money without a job and even your search online will only land you in sites that at the end of the day suggest ways to make money by perform tasks… Who ever said that wasn’t a job?
If you’ve always thought that having a job meant sitting and taking orders from a dirty annoying boss, then my bet is, you thought wrong!
A Job is a task
A Job is an economic role that gets you paid
A job is working for hire
“How to make money without a job” is probably one thing you shouldn’t search for online because, you only make yourself vulnerable to hungry scammers and if you aren’t lucky enough, you might end up paying someone’s bills to say but the least.

Can I make money without a job?

There is no such thing as making money without a job. You don’t make money when you do nothing but at this stage it’s called getting money because you obviously have to be dependant on someone or people to get money without doing any thing.

Why do most website and blogs promote the ability to make money without a Job?

If you’d agree with me, any real and acknowledged blog or website promoting the act of making money without without doing a thing only do so to draw your attention to simple jobs or jobs requiring your skill that can be done both online and offline.

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Easiest ways to make money online

Honestly I wouldn’t want to sugarcoat the fact that there is actually no easy way to make money online… Let’s be blunt, there is really no easy way. You have to strive for what you want…
Below are some jobs you can to online to to make some bucks… They may be easy and recommended for your or vise versa.

1. Make money taking surveys
There are lots of sites offering interested persons the opportunity to make money online by taking surveys. Some site that offer such opportunity are;

  1. Vindale Research 
  2. Globaltestmarket
  3. Surveysavvy
  4. Oxsample
  5. Mythoughtscount
  6. SurveyVoices

2. Make money working as an affiliate marketer

This is one of the best yet technical ways to make money online from home… If you can find your way around this, then I best you will have no need to go searching for some annoying employment. You will save yourself the stress of tolerating a dirty boss! Below are some of the best affiliate marketing sites.

  1. Amazon associates
  2. Linkshare
  3. Cj
  4. Clickbank

3. Make money working as a CPA agent

CPA simply means Cost Per Action. You simply get paid for what you make people do with specific offers… You can make people sign up for an offer or some free trial. Below are few CPA sites

  1. Peerfly
  2. Cpalead
  3. Adworkmedia
  4. Clickbank
  5. maxbounty
4. Make money selling your expertise
If you are a writer, music composer, graphic designer and whatever skill or talent you basically have to offer in return for cash, then you can join some of the sites below;
5. Make money Selling your products
If you are a good writer, you can write books and sell online! If you can design or make a template, you can as well sell them online, or are you good in craft or anything digital, you shouldn’t think twice, start creating for sale! Some sites where you can sell your crafts and digital goods below;
  1. Etsy
  2. Creativemarket
  3. Envatomarket
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