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How To Embed YouTube Video In Blogger And WordPress

November 26, 2016Joseph O.
embed YouTube video
Do you make and upload your videos to YouTube and would want to share it with your blog readers in your sidebar, footer, or blog posts Or did you see an amazing video you would want your blog readers to get a glimpse of?
This post is for you! 
The basic thing to do is to upload or find a video then copy the embed code from YouTube and add it to your blogger blog post. 
You can change the width and height of the iframe as well to fit into your blog post so that it doesn’t overlap the width of your website or give your blog a clumpy lazy look. 
Embedding YouTube videos on your blog post enables you to showcase videos from youtube on your blog without wasting bandwidth and storage space on your hosting space. this enable your visitor to watch the video right from your website without the popular problem of buffering and delay in playback. 
In this post, I will share with you how you can embed a YouTube video in your blog post or anywhere else. It is absolutely possible to embed any size of YouTube video in your blog or site, provided there is an html compose option. its not difficult to get this done as long as the video is available on YouTube streaming website. So How do we go about Embedding a video on your site
Follow the process below to embed youtube video.
This tutorial works for both Blogger and WordPress and all sites which accept iframe tags… Enjoy!
Embedding Youtube Videos
° First thing first, visit YouTube and get you
search for the video you want embeshare
° Click to view the video, now, there are option just below the video, click on share
° There are 3 options, Share, Embed and Email, click Embed, then select and Copy the code, displayed in a box for you.
° Once you’ve copied the code, go to your blogger blog post, select the HTML compose option, then scroll to where you wish to Embed the youtube video on your blogger post
The code looks like this
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
Note; the width and height is customizable, you will have to change it to your preferred width and height so the video can fit in to your blog. 
This customization is important if you don’t want the video clustering or overlapping your contenit’sdepending on the width of your blog.
You will notice from the code above that the width is “560” the height is “315so, you should customize the width especially depending on the width of where it is being embedded, you can’t embed the video with the width above on location with 540 as its width because, it will overlap the contents on the blog and you wouldn’t want that. To get a perfect fitting, you will have to reduce the width and height as follows,
Width ” 500 ” while Height ” 290″.
This way it will be smaller than the default screen size to properly fit into the blog contents. 
You can always try this out to know if you got the tutorial…
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