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Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better title for this blog post but here and now, allI want to do is share with you a great way of making articles without writing or typing. If you already know about this method then great! But if you don’t, I suggest you read on because, I’ll be exposing to you to the easiest way of having your article come to light without stress and little or no typing.
This process and method of making articles can be done totally with your smartphone. You don’t need to be on your computer, laptop or your system, because all you need is a smartphone, an application and your ability to talk. The basic requirement of this method of creating articles is your audibility and usage of language selected. You should have a good command in English (something close enough) or any other supported language.
 If you’re wondering why anyone would actually want to make use of this system of creating articles then you should know that sometimes we get tired of typing and look for much more friendly ways of bringing our articles to light. Most bloggers go as far as paying people to write for them. If you have an issue with typing, then you shouldn’t with talking.
Create A New Blog Post By Talking
I believe you’ve heard of text to speech but may have not heard of speech to text. Speech to text is a process whereby your utterances are converted to text notes. There are several speech to text applications online, with Google Voice topping the list due to its popularity. In this article, I will be recommending   SpeechNotes for android users (click the link to download).
With SpeechNotes, your Keypad becomes almost useless except for the fact that you need to make some corrections since the application can misinterpret your words as well as it might not be able to pick all utterances made. Your keypad only becomes an editing tool.
There are various applications like Google Voice and SpeechNotes but I recommend
SpeechNotes because it is simple to use and easy to understand (their first guide is good enough to get you started) but if you bump into s better alternative, then you can suggest them in the comment section below.
SpeechNotes System Requirements
• Before you begin using SpeechNotes, know that you need to enable Google speech recognition as your default speech recognizer.
• You may also need Internet connectivity (Optional but  important if you want to get better results)
• You need to download your desired language (English is the default language but you should choose the correct version of English for you). More information and guide is provided by SpeechNotes when you download and launch the application.
 Although this is an amazing way of creating new blog posts for your blog,  this method of making articles might not be the best for you since most articles need proper research and other related processes but I bet a personal and lifestyle blogger will find this handy since their blog posts are often born out of immediate experience and abrupt thinking.

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