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How To Create A Blog On Blogger

August 29, 2016Onome
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Do you want to blog but don’t know how to?

This post is for ultimate newbies who are just beginning their blogging journey.

I have written a short but useful Tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger using either a laptop or a smartphone.
If you are using a smartphone, make use of browsers like chrome, safari, ucbrowser HD, do not use operamini or ucbrowser mini…

Steps on How to Create A Blog On Blogger

Steps on How to Create A Blog On Blogger

1. Register a gmail account at if you do not have one yet. Note you are opening an email address and it will serve as your username also.
2. After you must have registered with gmail, take note of your username ( and password then visit and login with your gmail username and password.
3. After you must have signed in and landed on blogger home page, click on create new blog.
4. A window will popup and you will be placed with a form to fill…

I. Pick a name

II. Input your desired domain name and wait for blogger to check its availability, if the domain is available there will be a blue tick if not, a yellow !.

(your domain is accessible through

II. Once your desired blog name is available, select your desired template and click on create…

You’ve successfully created a blog on blogger

Note: You can change or replace your blog domain to a custom domain after creating your blog by going to settings, basic then blog address.

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