How To Convert Steem Dollar To Naira (Cash out steemit Earnings In Nigeria)

Converting SBD to Your Local Currency

Currently, there is no direct method of exchanging SBD for physical currency and definitely one would want to change a few SBDs into his/her local currency. Withdrawing SBDs might be easy for people in some countries, and it may be a little difficult for others. It is simple enough to exchange SBD for other cryptocurrencies but not for physical cash.

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How Nigerians Using Steemit Can Exchange their SBDs to Naira

I know currently that there are a few Nigerians on steemit looking for a means to withdraw their steem dollar to cash in a reasonable rate. Well, I think you have found one of the best ways to converting your SBD to Naira.

While looking for a means of converting my SBD to naira, I bumped into a post by @AIRHAWK-PROJECT where a telegram based exchange was introduced, Airhawk-project Exchange.

Airhawk-project exchange is more or less an escrow service that stands as a third party amongst two individuals (buyer and seller) looking to exchange currencies with each other without uncertainty.

Note that there is possibility of selling SBD in any local currency, so long there is buyer willing to pay in your local currency

How To Use the Airhawk-project exchange Service

  • To Begin using the escrow service by @airhawk-project, you need to Join their telegram group that will connect you with different people who might be interested in giving you instant cash for your SBDs.
  • Once you have joined the group, type and send a message notifying the group members that you have got SBD for sale (THERE IS NO SPECIAL METHOD TO FIND A BUYER).
  • Once announced, a user interested in buying your steem dollar will signify and tell you how much he/she is willing to pay per SBD.
  • If you agree with the buyer’s rate/price on your SBD, simply send the stipulated amount of SBD to @airhack-project using the buyer’s steemit username as memo
  • Now, send in your bank account details notifying the user of the payment you have made. The buyer verifies that you have transferred the SBD to @airhawk-project and sends your money at the agreed rate x the amount of steem dollar, through your bank account.
  • Once cash have been received in naira, confirm payment by notifying the buyer/group that you have received your money. @airhawk-project in turn releases sold sbd to buyer and the process comes to a clean end.

No fraud, No uncertainty, just clean and easy steps.

Airhawk project exchange is 100% safe to use so long you do all your talkings and agreement in the group. Avoid going private with any buyer or seller else you’ll have yourself to blame if you fall into wrong hands.

The brains behind the airhawk exchange services have done a great job for Nigerians and I am glad to have discovered this great innovation. So if you need to cash out In Naira, Download a Telegram chat app if you do not have it, and hop into the Airhawk project exchange group.

If you need to learn more about the project, simply read the official post by @airhawk-project.