Blogger's Diary; How Mantra Helped Me Overcome Depression

Blogger’s Diary; How Mantra Helped Me Overcome Depression

Last Updated On: February 10, 2020Nomzy

Blogger's Diary; How Mantra Helped Me Overcome Depression 1

A Mantra is a slogan or phrase that is often repeated.

Still on that tough journey to becoming a better person.
Today, I am more than excited to share with you how a simple mantra amazingly saved my soul from the clutches of depression.

As a teenager, I went through emotional traumas and challenges that caused me to gradually fall into the sad and unhappy world of depression.

Bit by bit, a once happy child became melancholic and a deeply unhappy teenager. I had the world to struggle with. I grew to hate myself and wished I was someone else. Occasionally, I’d compare myself to several people and wonder why their life was perfect. In fact, I wanted to be someone else!

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Why Do People Get Depressed?

Several situations lead people to the part of depression and overtime, I blamed unfulfilled promises, financial incapabilities, unachieved goals, family limitations and the lot for leading me into the path of depression.

Overcoming Depression

I once Googled “How To become happy”; It was definitely that bad.

Days grew into months and months into years, I got to make friends, physically and virtually and as time went on, I began sharing my story with people and the cravings for freedom from depression which had turned me to a teenager with a black and deep mind grew.

I kept on talking to people because I needed help. Once I thought, I was going to die unhappy but then help came from a friend whom I will be forever grateful to “Akolade”. I hope he gets to read this someday.

Akolade spelt out the need to overcome depression and live a normal life. He gave me a simple sentence to recite every time the feeling of unwantedness strolls in, the grip that depression brings and the negative thoughts of life comes. At first I saw it as just a collection of word and laughed over it, but the next few days of my life became amazing.


Despite taking the sentence for granted the first time it was introduced to me, I found my self saying it in situations I had nothing else to do. Each day, I repeated “I AM WHOM I THINK I AM” and every moment it flows out of my mouth, I felt soothed and relived of a great burden. I began seeing myself positively. I started realizing how much sadness had overshadowed my beauty and oh! Depression suddenly began crawling away.

The sun was beautiful everyday, the rain drenching me became a gift. I stopped comparing myself to other people. I stopped blaming introversion for living in sadness. I stopped hating my pretty self and pictured life from the brighter side.


Finally, I overcame depression in the easiest way after a great fight and a tiny solution. Suddenly, “I AM WHOM I THINK I AM” became more than just a sentence to me but my life saver. I won depression and I realized how beautiful I was in my own way. I dragged back my phlegmatic nature.

This girl stopped blaming everyone for everything! She walked away from depression and will never subject herself to such unhappy experience, ever again.

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Comments (2)

  • Paramind

    January 13, 2018 at 7:04 am

    You call googling how to be happy bad??? I downloaded YouTube videos and once had a fixed therapy session in a forum online. I almost committed suicide… mine was that bad.

    By the way, committing suicide isn’t as easy as some people make it look. If not I’d be dead by now.

    The cause of my own depression was regret. I used to have a great contented melancholic life. I started wishing I’m different, sexy, confident, eloquent. I started wishing I could get a girlfriend, stop fearing about presentations, have big muscles and all those shit. I pushed myself too hard and almost got myself crazy. I mean practically and literally crazy. I developed phobia talking to people and seeing myself in a mirror.

    My saving grace was writing RHYMES. That’s the only thing that saved me.

    But things are better now, i mean, I don’t know if I have a MANTRA so to speak but I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that what have happen’s happened and whatever way I look physically don’t matter to people that matter. I’m okay being single forever and I don’t have to perfect.

    In fact I think depression is necessary for every melancholic out there. If u survive depression, its like your temperament changes. In this part of the country melancholy isn’t lucrative. You have to go out, talk to lots people, put up fake smiles and all that. And no melancholy want that as a daily routine.

    Shit this is so long

    1. Joseph O.

      January 13, 2018 at 3:09 pm

      Ouch, such is life… And oh! that was a long read. I doubt if depression should be for anyone. Nobody deserves to suffer that much.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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