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How Important Is Your First Blog Post

December 31, 2016Joseph O.

first blog post

Truth is, most times your first blog post is not as cool as the ones that follow suite…

A lot of new bloggers get confused over what they want to blog about and end up posting an amazingly horrible welcome blog post which could become an object of ridicule even to you…

So basically, after you’ve set up your blog , you’ll need to start writing posts. Your first blog post serves as the primary basis of your blogging business. But sometimes we get it wrong.

Having an amazing first blog post doesn’t really determine your blogging career or lay the proper foundation for success but it does matter a lot.

Often times, our first blog post isn’t always mind blowing, but if you want your first set of visitors to come back to your blog after reading your introduction and welcome article, you should try to make it as catchy as possible.

After creating a new blog or installing WordPress, all most bloggers wish to do is to publish anything just to let the world know that they’re online.

It’s not really cool to have a horrible first blog post, but it actually could be fun.

sometimes we love to share our blogging stories, and looking back at the first blog post may actually make you feel nostalgic.

Your first blog post is an important entity to you because it does introduce you to your intending audience.
What could be more amazing as going back to read you first blog post?

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How cool was your use of words?

Were you just in a hurry to say, ‘HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG?
Besides WordPress has that automatically installed for you and most bloggers would rather leave or edit the automated post than delete it.

If you were to rate your first blog post over a 100 percent, what percentage would it get?

Well truth is, I’d give mine 20%! lol… I actually only wanted to have a post on my blog then and nothing more.

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