How Google Adsense Detects Invalid Activity

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Getting accepted by google AdSense is a dream come true for most bloggers and getting disabled or banned is the worst nightmare for bloggers… trust me, getting disabled by AdSense is as easy as ABC if you don’t keep to their TOS. The most popular reason why a webmaster gets disabled by AdSense is INVALID ACTIVITY, and this invalid activity mainly constitutes invalid click which sometimes we can’t help…
Invalid activity occurs following clicks or impressions which artificially inflate an advertiser’s costs and publisher’s earnings, and for which Google decides not to charge the advertiser. This includes clicks or impressions generated by a publisher clicking on his own ads, a publisher encouraging clicks on his ads, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive
How Does Google Detect Invalid Clicks 
1. IP address.
Adsense makes it clear that you do not click on your own ads and when you or someone click the ads that come from the same IP address you use to access your AdSense account, your account is flagged malicious.
2. your website’s Ranking on search engines.
Isn’t it awkward when a website is not indexed in any search engine, not connected with the leading web site, but gets consistent high visitations? How do visitors access such website and click on its ads? 
3. Click Through Rate/Click Through Rate (CTR).
the normal CTR should range between 0.5% – 10%, thus, the Click Rate should not exceed 10%. If not, Google will mark your account malicious.
4. The pattern of Illegal Clicks
I). It is suspicious when visitors click the ads on your website then leave almost immediately. Real visitors normally browse through website’s content before they get attracted to an ad.
II). Some visitors often click the ads on the website address that is the same but very rarely/never ever click AdSense ads on other Websites.
III). Visitor or visitors that visit and often click ads on websites that comes from its computer bookmarks or type directly in the website address in the browser. While he/she hardly ever clicks the AdSense ads on other websites.
5. The location.
Google is smart enough to have a tracking software and technology. They do trace the origin of the traffic. So, you may not want to use different computers with different IP addresses because it secures nothing. Never click on your ad from different Internet cafe or public.

6. Google’s other Services.
Google also provides series of services to its user and its unsafe if you have never logged in to your AdSense account and click on your own ads. What other Google services they provide for us? Here are some of them: Gmail service (most of the people use it), Google Earth, Google Calendar, Google Search, Google Toolbar, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Google Desktop, Blogger, Youtube, perhaps even their own browser (Google Chrome).
7. Cookies.
Most home users do not use a static IP address for your Internet connection. In most cases just disconnect and reconnect the Internet will give you a new IP Address. But remember, Google has set a cookie on your computer. They can track the cookie sand see if they come from the same computer.
8. The inducement in the form of writing.
Google AdSense made it clear that its publishers should never solicit for clicks so websites with words like this  “Please click the link below” or “donate to our site by clicking on the ads”? Will definitely fall into Google disabled list. Google may use their search engine, or even a human agent (google her) to check your site from time to time. 

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