First Post; A Hearty Welcome To Blogtrovert

The Blogtrovert

A New Beginning

I just wanted to officially tell my self a very big welcome to my new blog which I started off few days ago.

Although I wouldn’t say I’m proud of “me” literally, but I can assure you that I’ve been a big failure overly which I’m more than willing to fight off.

Nothing online seemed to work for me, it all looks like I’m unlucky but here I am saying that One day, I’m gonna be so proud of my new found self, hopefully.

Officially, I’m saying a very big welcome to you. I hope I get readers soon. I promise myself, I’m not giving up.

Welcome to Blogtrovert

The beginning of a blog that aims that giving you information as they should be offered and struggles as they should be documented…

Stay up to date with the intriguing articles that intends to teach you about blogging and making money as well as surviving and staying alive in this world filled with life struggles.

You can read more about the author in her about me page.

The blogtrovert’s logo is;

“Live it, Blog it!”

What would you like to learn about the word online? A virtual world too large to understand even in a thousand years, but there is no harm in exploring its beauties.
Grab your seatbelt, let’s go on a blogging, surviving and making money online as well as life hacks ride!!!

It’s a free world, LIVE IT, BLOG IT!


  1. innocent

    but still it’s a thumbs up to your post

  2. innocent

    Your Commenti still do not understand it either

  3. Finally I made it far back to the very first post. What I love about this blog is your writing style. Very simple, not too long, consequently less boring.
    What I don’t understand is how you make money from this blog since I don’t see any ads.

    • I do have ads on it but I honestly do want to go way beyond just ads

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