How To Handle Job Rejection Like a Boss

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You’re human, remember?

Whatever it is you’re going through, have gone through or will go through, know that someone out there shares, shared and will share the same struggle. You know, some things happen so you can grab yourself a bunch of life lessons. You wouldn’t be reading this if life didn’t hit hard in the right places.

Handle Job Rejection

Basically, you’d expect your path to be clear enough after your first degree. It’s supposed to be a headstart, the beginning of a new journey, but alas! I found myself ranting, “this wasn’t what I signed up for. Over 18 years of rigorous schooling feels like nothing, absolutely nothing. I was not expecting some bed of roses but didn’t think I’ll find myself on a thorny path.”

When I wrote about post-graduation depression, it centered around how others felt and my swift pass through the experience. Well, things changed. I can as well chip in some personal experiences and give you an advice of the century. Oh! It’s only been 2 years after graduation and a few months since ending my compulsory service to my country. At least I could boast of N33000 (< $100) and a few side hustle gains. I evolved, now I have just my side hustle and some daily job applications.

Job hunting is practically hectic, even when you do it online. If you are anything like me, blogger and freelancer, it’ll click; no corporate job experience. Just fiverr and your inconsistent endeavours.

No, I am not a Failure, Neither are You

My blog tends to attract undergraduates, fresh graduates and job seekers. Well, my dear friend, this is just a subtle reminder that you are not a failure. Though you may have been getting job rejections, you’re far from being the failure you project.

Are you a fresh graduate?

We are only experiencing the aftermath of school. The stories we were told are definitely worse than speculated.

Yes, I am walking through the crazy path and strutting through life challenges, fighting my fears and self-doubt until I see the light. I’d love to reiterate, I am not a failure. A mantra worthy statement.

Found Friends When I Needed Them

There’s no better time to be surrounded by friends but in trying times. It’s crazy how people believe in you; they make you wish you had such belief in yourself.

Talk to someone

If you are yet to confide in anyone, do not hesitate, I repeat, do not hesitate. Find someone worthy, talk to them and watch yourself enjoy the support you so desire. Words are powerful, encouraging utterances are amazing.

You are nothing near a failure, life’s just playing a smart one on us. Getting rejected isn’t the end of our world.

There isn’t anything as amazing as associating with people who amass beautiful thoughts. They are angels in human bodies and I dedicate this line to all of them.

So? Find a trusted friend and get talking, you’d be surprised. If you do not have friends, choose an awesome contact or acquaintance.

What If Education Scammed Us?

No, the system did. 

I’m forever grateful for the education I acquired but scarred by the schooling system. You know school is idolised from childhood until the scale falls off, right?

We weren’t ready for the lies or archaic expectations.

  • Go to school
  • Graduate with flying colours (or not)
  • Get a job.

Such an easy presentation. But for a few exceptions, things do not work that way.

Education over schooling

It makes no sense saying this to anyone because the majority would rather go through that brutality than endure a lifetime of fabricated failure because he/she ditched school. To be honest, I wouldn’t either. Only a few were brave enough to understand that all they needed was education and not indoctrination.

Education is amazing but the system failed us. Sadly, we only realise or rather accept the truth after walking that path.

We were largely never prepared for the future but made to repeat syllabus which didn’t help a greater percentage. It’s crazy, but ranting wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I know changing the system goes beyond rants, but it’s okay to spill it all out since it does lift the burden off our chest.

How To Move Forward From Job Rejection

First, Accept Rejection

I grew to accept failure as part of life because no one is above failing. Realising that job rejection doesn’t mean worthlessness will keep you optimistic and ready for more challenges to come. It’s bound to happen at some point in one’s career. No doubt, getting a good job without rejection is amazing, but when it doesn’t come that way, we shouldn’t be quick to tag ourselves ‘failed.’

For starters, it takes a lot to accept failure and even more to use it to your advantage;

  • Discovering the loophole
  • Fixing what may have caused it and
  • Staying resilient for the future. 

Failure sure helps us grow, do better and eventually lead us to our dream jobs.

Some Steps You Can Take after Rejection

  • Appreciate the recruiter for sending the letter.
  • If it hurts you, talk to someone; helped me recover after my first.
  • Fix your CV or resume. Also have different versions of your CV/resumes to suit different job offers.
  • Stop using a single cover letter; always write a new one for each application.
  • Apply for more jobs
  • Learn a new skill
  • Start a side hustle to keep your mind busy while you send out applications.

Stop Whining 

Yes! Complaining is absolutely okay but should have limits. I’ve grown to accept and understand that complaints solve nothing. Since you’ve identified the problem, there’s no point staying back in your struggles and whining over them.

Sometimes I wished I did better in school, maybe it would have gotten me some high paying job. It’s such a crazy thought; there’s absolutely nothing to do about my result. Like hell, there’s no going back to fix the grades or change the mindset I carried on through school. It’s all worthless without solutions but an opportunity to hurt myself and dwell on the negatives. Thankfully, I pulled through that stage. Now, it’s all about ‘what next?’

It’s okay to express disgust, but not okay to stay back with the disgust, do nothing, yet constantly whine over it..

What is Next? You Can’t Fight Failure With Nothing

It’s one thing to tell yourself “I’m not a failure” and another to see to it. While positive declarations are great starters, they can do no more than keep your body and soul fueled up. Actions do the greater part.

Job hunting still exists until you can survive on your daily hustles without blinking. After all, it’s all one step at a time. While you are at it, you can get skilled up to boost your portfolio or change your career path entirely.

Keep Pushing

It’s amazing how I grew from being overly pessimistic to enjoying my optimistic thoughts and declarations. I owe this to the positivity I began surrounding myself with; friends, books, people and more. While I wrote this post, I received another email containing a message that seemingly encouraged me to double my freelance and work from home hustle; job rejection.

It feels heavy sometimes but realising you’ve got no option but to keep pushing ignites your strength. I have promised myself to be positive and always look on the brighter side. It takes nothing from me and pushes off negative thoughts. I don’t have to be hard on myself – you shouldn’t.

Steps We Should Take

  • Be consistent with our crafts
  • Job hunt in fields we’re familiar with
  • Aim high but not too high
  • Learn new skills
  • Be patient with everything
  • Most importantly, stay positive
  • Start a side hustle

My Mantra for everyday I feel the need to call myself a failure – I AM NOT A FAILURE, I’M MAKING PROGRESS. It’s yours to use too. Goodluck in your endeavours.

What’s Your Reality?

It doesn’t matter if you relate to this post or not, the point is, it’s the reality of a thousand and more people. Education is great, and school will be better with a spice. 

Sometimes grades matter, sometimes, it doesn’t but study hard and prepare for life after formal education, because that’s when the real education begins.