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Get A Loan In Nigeria With Paylater, Without Collateral

September 14, 2017

get a loan with paylater

Isn’t it amazing that each day, something new and innovative springs up for the benefit of individuals at all levels and works of life?There are lots of opportunities discovered by a few and undiscovered by many.
If you’ve ever wanted to start up a business, but for some reason or the other do not have the funds to bring your ideas to live, then I’d be glad to tell you that you’ve found a source of capital,

paylater review

Paylater is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and I am sure that it took a lot of courage and work from the team to put together such amazing platform that can transform an individual’s life in a month or less.

What Actually Is Paylater?

Paylater is a simple and automated platform that provides short or long term loans without collateral to individuals and business entities.

With the platform, you don’t have to queue up in a bank or fill unnecessary files and papers because it is a 100% online service that you have access to anytime any day in all 36 states of Nigeria; so long you have an internet enabled smartphone with which you’ll use to download the application and apply.

How Does One get A Loan With Paylater?

As earlier mentioned, Paylater services is 100% online and you can apply for a loan at the comfort of your home. You do not need to visit their office or some third party websites. All they require from you before you get a loan is your absolute honesty during applications.

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To apply for a loan, you have to download the Paylater android application on Google play store then register as a user on their platform and complete the application process. Paylater would suggest the best loan for you instantly and send you your funds in less than 12 hours once you are approved.

What Do I Need To Apply?

To apply for a Paylater loan, all you need is a Facebook account, a functional Nigerian bank account to receive funds and your Bank Verification Number (BVN) used to confirm your identity by the team.

My first ever loan with Paylater was disbursed in less than 1 hour. No calls, no interrogations or whatever.

Should You Trust Paylater With Your BVN?

I know how much we are being encouraged to protect our BVN and you’d probably smell a rat but you should know that Paylater has absolutely no access to your bank account even while having access yo your BVN. They only require the number for verifying that the individual applying to take a loan from them is the genuine owner of the bank account provided.
Your BVN only assures that they are dealing with a real human who would be willing to pay up for loans collected.

How Big Is Their Interest Rate?

Paylater offers between 30% interest rate to 15% interest rate depending on the amount you intend borrowing.

How Do You Pay back loans?

Whenever it’s time to pay back a loan, you don’t have to do anything but have an account with funds in it whose debit card have been added to the service. will automatically debit your account by the amount you owe once the day for repayment is due. You can also pay up your loan manually, on or before the due date.

Note: Paylater offers no discount for paying up before the due date.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Up On the Due Date?

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from paying up or leaving your account unfunded and preventing Paylater from debiting your account. They often give users the grace of paying up their loans After the due date but this doesn’t come without a negative rating and lower chances of getting loan on your next application. You also risk getting tangled in credit bureaus and ‘possible legal action if you decide not to pay up a loan. By paying your loan on time, you increase your trust flow.

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Final Note

Paylater is probably one of the best thing to happen to business men, entrepreneurs, students and individuals at large who have need for cash.

Remember that while you take a loan, you should be ready to pay up on the due date with some percentages added.
I’ve used Paylater and I confirm that it is an amazing application/service, but if you want better reviews, you might want to checkout some user reviews on their Facebook Page.

Download and Get a Loan With Paylater Now

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