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Free open source content management system Similar to WordPress (Self-hosted)

August 5, 2017Joseph O.

I’ve written so much about blogging to an extent that a regular visitor of my blog should have had a good knowledge of what it is all about. Blogging is a beautiful practise and it has grown bigger than just a piece of cake! Different people do it for different purpose. Some just love to share and save their life experiences, hobbies and personal life issues while may others do it for something deeper, to make money online.

There is a 99% chance that most bloggers have heard of the “Open Source CMS, WordPress”, the most popular free application for running a blog. Also, there is a similar chance that most bloggers have never heard about other great free Open Source CMS similar to They can serve the same purpose and some might even do better than WordPress.

1. Joomla

First on my list is Joomla. This CMS is actually gaining grounds and is being used by several websites. Joomla is flexible but unlike WordPress, needs a programmer’s understanding. If you give yourself a chance with Joomla, You might end up loving it and letting go of WordPress.

Joomla can be structured into a classic website, thus, it’s not limited to being used as a blogging software. It’s possibilities far out weights WordPress but to be well grounded with its functionalities, you’d have to learn a thing or 2 about its structure and functionality. Joomla is great, but not for newbies.

Aside its functionality, Joomla has great plugins just like WordPress and these plugins makes it so easy to use. If you have the knowledge of a programmer or is willing to learn from their community support, as well as tons of free and paid tutorials offered online and outrightly tired of WordPress, then you can move over to Joomla.

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2. Drupal

Second on my list is Drupal, seemingly gaining grounds but not so much in use as WordPress. The software haven’t really been in the whitelist of many people despite being loved by a few others. Drupal is just another perfect house for a great blog and its software package gives you access to easily manage, publish organize and publish varieties of content on your site.

Drupal houses lots of cool features, one of which is, its built-in news aggregator. Drupal powers a good percentage of the websites in the internet today. It also has a community support.

3. CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a great open source CMS having slightly the same features as the aforementioned applications.

This Open source application has several themes and modules, giving its users a chance to extend built-in features without hassles. There is an extensive documentation available for support and to get you started.

4. Textpattern

Textpattern unlike others is much simpler, understandable and straightforward which makes it easy for its user. Textpattern is flexible and has several plugins that makes it possible to create almost anything. As a newbie, you’ll enjoy textpattern because you wouldn’t always need a third party to work on your blog.

5. Habari

Habari is largely a new kid in the block. Despite being a new blogging platform, Habari is bent on competing with Giants of CMS and is serving as a great blogging solution for several bloggers. I do hope it gets popular over the next few years.

Just like other CMS and Ultimately WordPress, the software has plugins, to ease blogging and a WordPress importer is also available to make importing your previous WordPress blog easy. Habari is definitely a great WordPress contender.

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