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Start Off Your Blogging Career With These Free Blog Hosts

March 3, 2017Joseph O.
Free Blog Hosts

New to blogging?
There are lots of places you could start off your blogging journey, and starting off on these sites is as simple as A B and C.

My first pick is



Blogger is an amazing free blogging platform owned by google Inc. creating a blog on blogger is so easy that everyday, new bloggers opt in for this platform which gives access to the popular subdomain extension.

You can register and use your own Top level domain extension to get a perfect and professional feeling. Blogging on blogger is absolutely free and you do not get subjected to annoying forced advertisements. The best part of blogging with blogger is the chance to monetize your blog contents directly with Adsense after a successful application… Trust me, it’s that easy.


Although People rightly consider Tumblr not as a publishing platform but more of a social network, it still made my list anyways.

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform, where you blog about anything worth blogging about. you do not need to pay a dime to get online. Share your images, stories and anything worth sharing as deemed fit by you. with tumblr, you get a subdomin extension.No forced advertisements and you also have the chance to monetize your blog contents. is the free version of, although, I don’t like it, but for it popularity, it made my list… you get a subdomain with its address and to achieve professionality, you have to purchase a top level domain strictly wordpress displays ads on your blog and to monetize, you need to sign up as a paid publisher, that’s you pay to monetize.
To be continued…

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