Finally Said Farewell To Blogger

So, I thought it was time to move on to a whole new level and I’m glad that I finally, took the bold step of moving away from blogger and switching to WordPress after 1 year of blogging on the blogger blogging platform.

You’d probably think I had a little beef with blogger, but actually, I only wanted something new and different.

I’m astonished; the new blogging application offered by the official WordPress team for smartphone is amazing! They are obviously doing a great job in constantly upgrading their application for mobile users. I hope blogger does the same too, hopefully.

So, I’m still getting things done around here and I have been trying to create a replica of my blogger template which seems so difficult! Although there are other beautiful and not so bulky themes out here in wordpress that could save me the stress, but I’d love to maintain my signature theme.

I enjoyed playing around with HTML codes in blogger but I doubt that I would be able to do the same in wordpress because, its so complicated and I will have to revisit google as I use to for impending challenges.


  1. Thanks… you might find some posts in my blogging category helpful

  2. Oh no wonder! I wanted to ask which platform you are using. WordPress is good o.
    I would love to have a comment box like yours. Even the share icons, the menu and about me too. In fact the lower part of this blog apart from the blog post itself looks great. I love them.

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