Blogger's Diary: How My Final Year Week Played Out

Blogger’s Diary: How My Final Year Week Played Out

Last Updated On: February 10, 2020Nomzy

If you are a Nigerian undergraduate or graduate, I would want to believe that you have witnessed one or more final year weeks, even if you have never participated. Oh well, this is my experience and I hope you find this post rather fun to read.

My Final Year Week in Few Words and Pictures

Last week, September 3rd to September 7th was my final year week, and I was skeptical about putting up updates of the week on my blog. I didn’t know if it was worth it, or if I was ready to make a post talking about a week that probably wasn’t so special to someone out there…

The Beginning

If you’ve been following my blogger’s dairy posts, you’ll know how much of a crazy student I have been… I can’t wait to leave school, at least so I’ll stop thinking good old education!

Stepping into the final year of my first degree is definitely a dream come true. I have been speculating about how my final year would be right from the moment I gained admission into the University. The first final year week I experienced made me hunger for 400 level, but I had just started my journey and it took me 3 years and a few months to finally experience the vibes I hungered for.

Final Year Finally

You know, the feeling that comes from the fact that you are almost a graduate is magical. Mind you, I know of the dreaded word “spilling”, trust me, I know, but that was the least of my worries, at least, like most students will say, I have chances of graduating without issues.

Taking Part In My Final Year Week

These are my last days in school, and I don’t know if I ever talk about my school experience after this year, but while it lasts, please enjoy every bit of my yati yati final year talks…

You know, not being part of the overly social cliques in school can be awful sometimes, especially in public gatherings… Lol.

Break Down Of the Week In Pictures

My final year week ran for a week and events were held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding Wednesday.

Day 1 : Old School and Costume Day

This was probably the most awful experience I had in my final year week… I had plans of looking absolutely astonishing. In fact, I went as far as googling costumes and settled for an absolutely ravishing outfit…

I wanted to play the geek and nerdy student, so I planned on going to school on the costume above, but ended up with the non existent costume below.

My course mates didn’t know what to call what I wore… Oh well!

I still imagine how I would have looked on my proposed outfit if I had been utterly serious about playing the geek.

Day 2: Jersey Day

Okay, I’m not much of football fan, neither do I partake in sports. Bottom line, I had no jersey and I wasn’t ready to get one, but I really wanted to participate in the jersey day because I heard it’s always fun, with tons of games to play…

I looked forward to playing either checkers, ludo or whot (call me boring), so I took a friend’s jersey. Jersey day turned out funnily annoying and boring.

First I spent hours attempting to withdraw cash. My debit card wasn’t functioning due to network issues from my bank. It was horrible, I spent almost three hours moving from one ATM stand to another.

Not only did I turn up late, the fun I presumed Jersey would bring was hoaxed. No games were played and most importantly I stood and watched while people dance on their jersey… Guess dancing is another outstanding sport.

Day 3: Cultural Day

I’d say catching fun on my final year week began on cultural day. The day started out as “not so good” because I had missed an impromptu test. It worked me out, so I assumed that missing the test meant a shattered day and there was no point in trying to be happy. But then, I have friends who definitely wanted to have fun, so they made me desire it too!

I was dressed up in a traditional attire worn by the Ijaws of the south south region in Nigeria. I wanted to look Urhobo, but my wrapper and head tie gave me away!

Trust me, Thursday was fun, and and filled with memories I wouldn’t forget in a jiffy.

Day 4: Jean Carnival

Friday was cool, I had my first makeover!It brought out another version of me, but I didn’t shy away from flaunting it!

Although the rain for some reason didn’t let the day be. It rained consecutively for a while, but that didn’t prevent the fun…

Even though I was late to the event, I was lucky enough to catch up with my fun loving colleagues and friends.

Pictures, pictures, pictures, then we called it a day… ☺

Jean Carnival marked the end of my final year week. Compared to other final year weeks I witnessed in the past, mine wasn’t super cool, but okay.

The final year week came and left behind beautiful memories I will forever cherish. For the first time in a while, I had fun, at least a little bit and I am sure as hell that wouldn’t regret not taking part (as I feared).

Dear graduates, I’d be overly glad to hear about your story if you took part in your final year week as a student…

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  • Mr Boss

    September 19, 2018 at 8:24 am

    Congratulations wishing happiness searching jobs

  • Badmus Adebayo

    September 18, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    I’m happy for you celebrating your final week. Although, some of the days wasn’t as fun as you’d expected it to be cos of some reasons stated. But it is still all good. Introverts might be kinda bored but thanks to your friends for making it fun with you. I wish you goodness in all your endeavors as you move on with life. Now know the reason you wanted to wear that dress. Lol.

    1. Onome

      September 28, 2018 at 12:14 am

      Thank you so much…

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