How Fear Makes Us Procrastinate

How Fear Makes Us Procrastinate

Posted On: March 17, 2019Nomzy

Fear of failure

I have quite some posts about procrastination and the stress of having to deal with it. Apparently, no one deserves to deal with procrastination. That is only if they’ve actually taken any step to overcoming it. In this post, I will be taking a different route. What if we have been fighting the wrong problem? What if it’s something else that we’ve let linger on while we tackle the wrong villain?

Situations That Procrastination Has A Lot To Do With Fear

  • You need to talk to a crowd
  • Meet new people
  • Market a product
  • Take part in a phone call
  • Converse with people online
  • So so so…

I know that the bulk of inaction has more to do with fear than the interest to do something tasking. You probably feel you are pushing important tasks aside when you actually aren’t, but shying away due to the infamous fear of failure. Imagine having to convince a crowd to buy a beautiful product you have to offer? You would definitely be so scared of flopping.

The problems keep growing! Now I’m wondering why they do. Why can’t I be like miss/mister (A)? She/he stepped up her game, overcame the fear of failure, now (A’s) business/career is booming. Why can’t we all do as (A) did? There are a lot of successful people whose success we question out of curiosity.

  • How did he/she do it? Were there no setbacks?
  • Why do I have keep hitting the failure rock unlike this people?

This is me pouring out me and not thinking for anyone. You may have your thoughts or for some reason don’t care about how people grow above their fears and make something happen, . No one knows what we’ve all had to struggle with. Situations are definitely different.

On Realizing It Is Fear Not Just Procrastination

How Fear Makes Us Procrastinate 1

I have always had a thing to say about procrastination. After all, it is the major agent in my inactivity. Like you know, a procrastinator would rather have fun than do what’s more important. It got dawned on me that I may have been fighting the wrong battle. I have an enemy that’s always being blamed for everything. The real problem lingers on while something I may have gotten rid of keeps taking the blame.

We all have our fears, as we all procrastinate. But the ability to step on this fear makes us different. I have a lot to deal with and it’s only normal, because I’m human.

If you have ever attempted to take a step but given up almost immediately because you are worried that it won’t make much difference, then you are like me, . You are scared of failure and cannot bear to see yourself experiencing it. We grew up with this notion, now it is part of us and do not need our parents instilling it in us but our subconscious. We are now being controlled by what we’ve known all our live. What if we can become something close to fearless?

Fear By Introversion What you are about to read is not a generalization, but you may have a lot of struggles if you are highly introverted and this includes the fear of failing. There is nothing wrong with being Introverted but then you may have noticed that you overlook a lot of things. Sometimes, we really want to don these things, but we believe we cannot. I am too scared to be in the spotlight. I can’t even handle public speaking. This alone is enough reason to make me shy away from whatever important stuff I want to do.

A lot of introverts have been able to rule this fear of failure off their dictionary. I know it takes more work than complaints to achieve this level of sanity. Nick Breu in his post “Fear, not introversion, holds us back from what we want in life” on Introvert, Dear, gave some good reasons why introversion has nothing to do with fear and everything it’s associated with. But then, it is obvious that hard work, self-realization and training has a lot to do with overcoming this fear.

You Know Your Shortcomings, What Next?

While I will love to disclose a lot here, I have not come close to overcoming my fears much more the attributes I got from introversion. Obviously, it is a journey and I would love you to come along with me. So, Implore you to join my subscribers list below to stay up to date with my struggles against fear and ugly introverted attributes.

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Comments (2)

  • Badmus Adebayo

    March 17, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    Hmm, There are times when there is a problem behind a problem. The former has to be figured out to solve the latter. There is a saying that “a problem well stated is half solved” Being able to identify the former go a long way in getting rid of our problems. Most times it might turn out to be a difficult thing to figure out cos you’d never even know it exists.

    I’m introverted too and I agree with the fact we are afraid of failure. I don’t want people to see me as a failure. This fear of failure has affected me in alotta ways. At a point in time I was challenged to try out something in which I thought to myself “I can’t do this” but I didn’t have much of a choice. In the end it was something I did perfectly well. This made me realized that there’s a lot I could do if I summon the courage to try them. And if I begin to start challenging the “I can’t do it” thought that always linger in my head.

    I’ve always been blaming it all on introversion but this post has made me realized that, it is the fear that exists in us. But the question is “why is this fear of a thing more pronounced among introverts?”

    This is an awesome write-up Miss Blogtrovert. ?

    1. Onome

      March 17, 2019 at 11:41 pm

      Well Badmus, I wish I can give you deserving answers. But I can’t. It’s good that you found a way around your fears. Introversion can be such a pain sometimes.

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