Fashion Sense: Exploring The Possibilities Of A Better Style

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Fashion sense

Apparently there are over a thousand people questioning Google about fashion sense and sadly, I’m one of them.

Does your sense of fashion suck?

I hope not.

Like me, you probably wasn’t interested in clothes or never gave a damn about how anyone thinks you should dress to look stylish. But for some reason, there has been a change. Suddenly you feel it’s time to care and work on how you look to yourself and others.

What have you been Exploring?

Fashion is definitely more than just wearing beautiful clothes. You have to know how to rock it and how not to. Trust me, this is super neck breaking. It’s so intimidating when you grovel over someone who’s wearing exactly what you are on but then you feel you’ve not done justice to the look like they have!

Your Fashion Sense is not good for the camera

Sometimes I try posing for the camera then something within whispers;
Not good for the camera!
Is there too much lightning?
Probably the outfit is too dull for the camera?
Or too simple to move a muscle?

Getting a fashion sense can be so overwhelming and tiring especially when you make a big deal of everything. I’m probably too eager to let the world know that I too can have a good fashion sense.

The Buyer Who Rarely Wears

Sense of Fashion

Do you know that in most cases shopping for clothes isn’t the problem. Wearing the outfit is. Sometimes I visit good and prominent online stores like Zaful, feeding my eyes then hoping to get something beautiful I will wear.
Reverse has been the case.
My box is piled up with clothes I rarely or have never worn.

Finding That Missing Sense Of Fashion

Just maybe you are like me, and have found your sense of fashion or rather you are too shy to switch and become the talk of those who’s known you for being just simple or rather shady.

What Sense of Fashion are You Trying to Fit Into?

There are tons of fashion sense to fit into. There are amazing and beautiful genres waiting to admit new recruits but then it all depends on our readiness to explore that new world.

Apart from fitting into the regular and popular senses, I have seen a lot of people who carved out a style for themselves and oh, they do this shamelessly, not caring about what the world has got to say. Probably that’s what needs to be done. Just maybe I’m not so shameless Yet!

Exploring Hacks To Define My sense of Style

It’s too bad that I don’t have a sense of style. I wear virtually anything, with any combo without caring. But for some reason, there is a need to care now.
Come on!
I’m growing and there’s definitely a need to start being selective with what I wear no matter how my mind says “wear anything”.

What you wear tells a lot of how people will see and address you. We deserve to slay even under the rain, probably by wearing this beautiful waterproof jacket below.

Zaful waterproof jacket

What Sense of Fashion am I Trying to adopt?

I have seen quite a handful of different fashion sense and they all looked amazing. Amongst the numerous styles I came across, 3 caught my attention; The casual, the classic and the chic style.

Looking good is typically not expensive. Besides there lots of beautiful and classy tops like the one below that could help people like me crawl out of our not so good fashion sense and fit into better genre of style. In case you’d love to explore your style, you can see more details on zaful

Sense of Fashion

I can’t fit into any style of fashion.

Just in case you are like me, the grumpy fashionista who’s only been known for extremely simple outfits but wants a change, we could carve out our own style. Remember I earlier mentioned that people often create a sense of fashion for themselves. They probably need more numbers.

Probably creating one for myself will be amazing. I could simply do the usual, visit online stores then shop for beautiful apparels I will use to test drive the creation of my style. There are tons of beautiful clothings online.

Oh! What Now?

I bet I’m not alone, I am pretty sure someone out there is thinking the next step to take in defining a great fashion sense in the coming year. Besides looking for a style I can fit into, I am hoping that my not so good sense of fashion goes with the dwindling year.

Do you have a Fashion Sense?

I’d love to know! Drop a comment!

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