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Facebook Auto Invite Friends For smartphone Browsers

October 8, 2016Onome
Facebook autoinvite for page likes

inviting  all your friends manually is something not so hard if you have few friends but when you have hundreds and up-to 5000 friends, then the manual invite becomes something not advisable.

There actually is an auto invite code that works on your smart phone. I can’t vouch for other smart phones but I sure can for an Android phone.

You probably found yourself here because you have been looking for an auto invite code that works on your Android smartphone…

The process isn’t one hectic one and trust me it will get the job done without hitches but a few minutes of your time depending on your friends count. The more friends you have, the more time it takes to invite, but it won’t take the whole day.

whether it’s a fan page or anything with an invite friends button on Facebook, this code, is capable of getting the job done.

Here is What To Do  

First thing first, open facebook with  GOOGLE CHROME Smartphone browser. 
Note: must be Google Chrome browser.
Then, visit any page where you want to send invites to your friends.
Once you open the page,  look for and click on “INVITE FRIENDS TO LIKE THIS PAGE” a pop will open loading a list of your Facebook friends.
Once it is loaded, 
delete the fb URL in the address bar, then write javascript: in your address bar then copy and paste the code below into the address bar just close to the Javascript: making sure there is no space inbetween. Once you are done, 
click enter or go then watch the progress if you’ve got not else doing.
!new function(){window.x847928799c8s99x&&window.location.reload(),window.x847928799c8s99x=1;var o=new function(){var e="https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cjmhellgomfgjiogcglfnbkkmdieacki/support",n=null,t=null,r=1;this.ready=function(e){var t=function(){var t=document.createElement("div");t.innerHTML='<div style="position:fixed;top:0;left:0;width:100vw;height:100vh;z-index:99999;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.7);color:#fff;font-size:12px;overflow:hidden;"></div>',document.body.appendChild(t),n=t.children[0],o.log("starting..."),e()};document&&"complete"==document.readyState?t():window.addEventListener("load",function(){t()})},this.log=function(e){var i=150 Math.floor(35*Math.random());n.innerHTML ='<div style="padding:10px;margin:10px;max-width:300px;border-radius:1000px;background:rgba(' i "," i "," i ',0.9)">#' r ": " (e||"working...") "</div>",  r,n.scrollTop=999999,t=window.clearTimeout(t),t=window.setTimeout(function(){o.error("the script stopped working.")},2e4)},this.error=function(o){alert(":( ERROR!" (o?"rnrn#" Math.ceil(1e3*Math.random()) " " o:"")),confirm("Report this error?")&&(alert("Copy this error for the report:rnrn>>>>>rnrn" window.location.href ": " o),window.open(e,"_blank")),window.location.reload()},this.done=function(e){o.log("saving all actions to facebook..."),window.setTimeout(function(){alert(":) OK!" (e?" " e:"")),window.location.reload()},5e3)},this.event=function(e,n,t){"string"==typeof e&&(e=document.querySelector(e)),e||o.error("could not find element"),n=n||"click","click"==n?e.click():(t=t||{},t.bubbles=!0,e.dispatchEvent(new Event(n,t)))},this.find=function(e,n){o.log("looking for loaded element...");var t=0,r=10,i=window.setInterval(function(){var l=document.querySelector(e);return l?(i=window.clearInterval(i),o.log("loaded element found."),void n(l)):(  t,void(t==r&&o.error("could not find loaded element")))},500)},this.scroll=function(e,n){o.log("scrolling element to end...");var t=10,r=0,i=0,l=window.setInterval(function(){o.log("scrolling...");var c=document.querySelector(e);if(c||o.error("could not find scrolling element " e),c.scrollTop==r){if(  i,i==t)return window.clearInterval(l),o.log("scrolling done."),void n(c)}else i=0;r=c.scrollTop,c.scrollTop =1e4},500)},this.select=function(e,n,t){var r=document.querySelectorAll(e),i=r.length,l=0,c=200;if(o.log("found " i " friends to act on..."),i){var d=function(){r[l];n(r[l]),  l,o.log("action done, " (i-l) " remaining."),l==i?t(i):window.setTimeout(d,c)};d()}else callback(0)}};o.ready(function(){o.event('a[href*="/ajax/choose/?type=fan_page"] > *'),o.find(".fbProfileBrowserListContainer .listSection li",function(){o.scroll(".fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable",function(){o.select('.fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable ul li [role="button"]',function(e){o.event(e)},function(e){o.done(e)})})})})};

Your screen should look like this…

You will have to wait a few minutes so it can send invites to all your friends… 
This also works on PCs
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