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Eye Opening Tips For New Bloggers; Read this DO’s and DON’Ts before Starting Your Blog

Last Updated On: August 23, 2019
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It’s okay to finally realize that you need to start your blog. Welcome to the blogging family, you will have fun blogging.If you are ready to create a blog but somehow met a dead end as to where and how to host your blog, then this post was crafted for you.

Before you start your blog, I’d be glad if you don’t rush your intentions as you might end up regretting your actions!

Below are the Basic Do’s and Don’ts for Start up bloggers
1. Do host your blog on free blog hosts, (blogger preferably) if you don’t have the funds to acquire a self hosted blog but while to you create your blog on blogger, don’t use the default domain URL, get a Custom domain.

2. Do host your blog on WordPress if you have just enough funds to manage a self hosted blog but be sure to consider the security of your blog as WordPress blogs are prone to cyber attacks.

3. Don’t settle for cheap webhosts, your blog might enjoy being down and inaccessible regularly Read this Post to guide you on how to start a self hosted WordPress blog with bluehost.

Recommended webhosts

4. Do start your blog with blogger if you just need somewhere to simply share your stories.


5. If you want to sell stuff online, then WordPress CMS is the perfect choice… Woo commerce plugin is actually one of the best e-commerce software (you can actually sell on blogger by adding a simple cart to your blog)

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6. Don’t buy a domain with your real name unless you want a personal blog… You might end up changing your domain in the nearest future because it doesn’t fit your niche (you will lose traffic, start all over again and lose your Google ranking!)

7. Don’t host your blog on wordpress.com if you’ve not read this wordpress.com and wordpress.org comparison

8. Free themes are cool, but there is nothing more perfect than having your own blog design and feel having little or no similarities with the blog next door! There are tons of premium blogger themes as well as wordpress themes online…

Check out
~ premium wordpress themes on themeforest
~ Premuim wordpress themes on Elegant themes
Check out
~ premium blogger themes on themeforest
~ Premuim blogger themes on Templateism

9 Still, on blog themes, Don’t download nulled themes, especially if you are on a .wordpress hosted blog because you might be endangering your site. Moreover, most nulled scripts come on links and ads hidden inside the template script.

10. Do create a Facebook page, twitter and Pinterest account with your blog name, someone else might just take your name before you know it.

11. Every new blog needs awareness and recognition… Share your blog post and tell the world there is a new kid in the block!

~ Submit your blog to Google Search Console
~ Submit it to bing
~ Submit it to yandex and other top search engines

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12. Don’t worry so much about making money just yet, because it will kill your blogging spirit with Time when a little failure set in. First thing first, struggle to get traffic to your blog genuinely. Commenting on and leaving a link back on relevant blogs is one of the best ways to start getting traffic to your blog.

The list is endless, this is just much off what I can think of presently but good thing is, the above listed “DO’s and DONT’s” will go a long way in helping you set up your new blog!

Have something to add up there? I’d be glad to hear more from you!

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