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Management of WiFi Networks for Events

August 28, 2018Onome

Event Wi-Fi

Are you looking for someone who provides wifi for an event?

We are aware that many WiFi systems designed to cover events can be bulky, and their previous installation may incur unwanted visual effects.

That is why tradeshowinternet offers different types of wireless devices capable of going unnoticed in any environment. Tell them how your event will be and they will find the best system for you.

The Internet connection plays a fundamental role and is one of the most difficult challenges for event organizers, it is important to have the necessary flow for each type of event. For this reason, they implement guaranteed internet connection solutions, not subject to limitations and with a guaranteed and stable flow, in this way they offer increasing bandwidth depending on the demand of the event.



Nowadays we know that in any WiFi network there is the possibility of suffering from unwanted attacks, these are typical of the users of the same network or of users external to it. Therefore, tradeshowinternet offer monitoring services, monitoring of all unwanted intrusions suffered by customers connected to the event wifi. Also advanced tools that guarantee the quality of the service in addition to excellent technological means are applied!

Commercial events

Tradeshowinternet grants switching speed of up to 400 megabytes. According to the influx of the event, the network will be of greater or lesser capacity to be able to connect all the attendees. They also offer a specialized service for fairs and macro events and that is event wifi! Depending on the needs of the event, they will install an infrastructure of WiFi connectivity or wired networks, in addition, they can differentiate networks for clients, exhibitors, organizers or press.

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Control the number of users and even know who connects is possible through the WiFi network.


During the event, a sponsor or sponsor could take advantage of WiFi networks to promote themselves.


Tradeshowinternet can also use social networks to create content automatically through WiFi connectivity.

Technological events

This type of events tends to be more demanding with connectivity and have higher needs than any other type of event. The use of online communication tools, streaming sessions, cable connection for LAN parties, require special internet access in addition to a very modern and secure connectivity. Our human capital has acquired a wide experience that allows us to provide a wide range of solutions for the implementation of a strong infrastructure that guarantees an excellent connection to each event.

Corporate events

The use of new technologies accompanied by the internet and a quality Wi-Fi connection makes the celebration of corporate events a reality, where it is intended to influence and motivate groups of people. In addition, we offer basic services for any type of event, among others: security and device management, high availability infrastructure, redundant connectivity, real-time location systems, coverage study and spectronomy, voting systems … To know them more thoroughly, they are here.

A unique and different WiFi installation for each client! We offer specific services for each type of event. What’s yours? We ascertain that your question of who provides wifi for an event is answered!

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