6 Important Digital Marketing Skills For Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Posted On: May 25, 2020Nomzy
essential digital marketing skills
Essential Digital Marketing Skills Bloggers and Entrepreneurs should have

I would rather name this post ”critical amulets you must possess to win the digital marketing war. ”

There are currently 4.57 billion active users of the internet as of April 2020. These users encompass 59 percent of the global population. This further emphasizes the fact that your audiences and customers dwell in this planet called the web-space. How to go about reaching them, convincing them, and converting them to your customers is what this post entails.

Why Should You Master Digital Marketing Skills?

Like digital technology, entrepreneurship and ways of doing business has evolved. There used to be a time when you could start up a business and turn it into hefty profit with hard work, dedication, and management skills. Today all of those are not enough to keep your business afloat. To keep a business alive in this digital age, you need to get familiar and become better with the concepts of digital marketing. This fact remains unarguably true across every industry or niche.

Some businesses probably would amount to a measure of success with some traditional marketing approach. I’m not telling you to discard all of your traditional marketing efforts. But you need to have a digital presence and learn how to be a marketer in this space. It is highly expedient, especially if your business does not fall into the Fortune 500 clubs who can afford to hire a digital marketing expert.

Essential Digital Marketing Skills Bloggers and Entrepreneur should have

If you are reading this post, I assume you already have a startup and you are looking to further explore the digital world to promote your craft. As much as I’ll be communicating the essentials, this post will also strengthen the foundation of knowledge of entrepreneurs who want to improve on their digital marketing skills.

Read on to learn about those digital marketing skills that you must keep in your entrepreneurial pouch as you launch your business into the digital world.

Strong Research and analytical Skills

This makes up the top of my list basically because it is a powerful determinant of all other skills you will need to acquire to have a successful digital marketing journey. You may have already developed your research and analytical skills as an entrepreneur; but don’t be surprised, It is a bit different when it comes to approaching digital marketing. You definitely will need more than business research skills to soar at researching in the digital marketing world.

There are tracking capabilities which is one of the advantages you have in the digital space. Interpreting and understanding data is a necessity. It will help you make intelligent decisions. First, you need to research to get relevant and updated data.

Having analytical skills means you know what to do with the data as regards to what goal you are trying to achieve for your business online (Your goals for going digital must be well-defined). There is an information overload on the internet, but a critical approach to analyzing the data would give you a hedge at diving into the digital world. 

Content Marketing Skills 

Every digital marketing activity you will do is heavily dependent on content marketing. Content is the representatives of your brand online and your voice on the internet. This is the way you communicate your values, intent, and all that you have to offer. Contents include texts, graphics, and video (other contents include infographics which I categorize under graphical contents). 

Learning how to produce all of these kinds of contents is also expedient. You’ll need the knowledge of writing, SEO, SEM and basic inline tools (like Google documents) to create texts that qualify as quality content.

Creating graphic contents require little design skills. Tools like ‘Canva, Fotor, Pablo, Photocollage, and BeFunky graphic designer’ are all easy to use and can be utilized for free. Video creating tools include Animoto, Sellamations, Goanimate, etc. You can also get quality stock photos from free image websites like pixabay and pexels.

Strategic content marketing is one of the basic amulets that you will need down the digital marketing route. It starts with knowing what audience you are trying to reach and the exact content that best suits them. Content marketing cuts across every aspect of digital marketing, from email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, E-commerce marketing to affiliate marketing.

Don’t be bothered about all the digital marketing channels, only focus on that which is essential and cogent to your business and its digital marketing goal. I’ll be talking further on how to determine which marketing channel is suitable for your business at the next point.

Marketing channel skill.

Yeah, before launching online you need to know about what channels you want to go through and understand them. Also determine the kind of audience you intend targeting in these platforms, know their interests, and how it correlates to your niche or business. Carefully choose the channel where most of your audiences are, as they may be present in more than one channel. Also, look for your competitors and check out for the channels they reach their audiences through (it’s not bad if you copy your competitors).

Finally, choose the best channel to use with respect to your budget. How much you are willing to commit to digital marketing differs as some channels are more expensive than others. Pick the best that suits your budget and overall expectation.

Becoming an expert at that particular channel you have chosen is the next important skill you must get. Operations of email marketing are quite different from social media marketing, but the two are a channel on digital marketing. 

Mastering the technicality that is involved in the platform you have chosen will help you to maximize its usefulness. There shouldn’t be an aspect that you do not know about. For instance, if you have chosen Social media marketing and Facebook as your marketing channel, you must be well versed in setting up an Ad and getting statistical values by mastering the Facebook Ads manager.

Social Media Management Skills

The demand for Social Media Management will continue to grow relatively every year. Businesses have been taught the relevance of building Online presence, and pretty much every online entrepreneur wants tier business known. People these days spend more free time online than in the real world.

Technological advancement has caused more and more people to seek and find more than entertainment on the internet. Most people keep up with brands and the latest trends online on social media. Instagram for one is an amazing social media platform to utilize for your business.

Bloggers and business owners can keep tab with their audiences and customers by creating a relation with them. You can leverage on businesses that want to build a presence on social media by opting to work as their social media manager while they concentrate on their business.

Selling Skills

Digital or traditional, you must master the art of selling. However, virtual selling is more difficult as you wouldn’t be in real contact with your potential customers. You must learn to communicate effectively with your potential customers through the contents that you put out to them through your channels. Copywriting skill is one of the selling skills you must possess as an entrepreneur who is going online.


One among other constant things in life is ‘change,’ which is no way different in the digital marketing world. Trends come and go but the ability to adapt to the change in trends would help keep the success tracks of your business.


Digital marketing skills are currently essential practices for successful businesses. They are an integral part of virtually all modern-day business and career. Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, or individual looking for a marketable digital skill, you need to opt for only valuable digital talents and skills.

For business owners and bloggers looking to manage their presence online without a third party, learning the right digital marketing skill will make online marketing simple. If you are a blogger, you can easily monetize this skill and go beyond just marketing your website.

digital marketing skills for bloggers

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