How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy That Works For Your Ecommerce Business

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your customers and drive sales. It is one of the oldest form of promoting businesses online.

These days, most people debate the modern usefulness of this method of marketing. Some even say it’s for the old school. But then, contrary to what many believe, email marketing remains an evergreen method of promoting your business on the internet.

email marketing

With the evolution of social media marketing, several business owners have followed the new trend, danced to the new tune and ignored the advantage of Email marketing.

If you are reading this post, I assume you are willing to promote your online business or side hustle with email marketing.

As much as I want to share the pros and cons of promoting your digital business with this method, I’ll like to further strengthen your conviction to market your business via email.

Why Use Email Marketing?

One of the most important reasons why you should use email marketing is because of its cost-effectiveness, unlike every other digital marketing channels, you don’t need a big budget to blast a successful campaign to increase your ROI. Who would not want that as a business owner?

According to, the engagement rate of the big 3 of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), is 0.58 against the 22.86% of Email Open rate and 3.71% click-through rate. Emails reach most of the people they’re intended for, so email marketing remains an essential part of your marketing strategy as a business owner. It has been delivering since the 90s and it still does.

Email marketing delivers a return of 4,300 percent of every amount you invest. Not neglecting the fact that many who claim email marketing isn’t working are not utilizing the right strategy. If you are going to use email marketing optimally, it surely would yield better than any other digital marketing channels you can ever use. Email marketing is a long term model compared to other channels. A digital marketing expert once said;

“Email marketing is the lifeblood of any business. If you don’t have a solid email marketing strategy, then you hate money.”

How To Promote Your Business and Side Hustle With Email Marketing

There are several ways in which email can help grow your business and nurture customer relationships.

Creating an email marketing strategy that works for your ecommerce business can be difficult. But this post help you better understand the right steps to take. We will discuss some of the ways to use email marketing to promote your business below;

Choose the Right eMail Platform

Email platforms can vary a great deal in terms of features and usability. It’s important to choose the one that works best for your business and your email subscribers. Some popular email platforms include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber.

Create Catchy Opt-in Forms

Building and Launching a website is a huge achievement for any new entrepreneur or a small business owner. But after all the effort you put into creating a website, you will notice that running a business goes way more than just owning one.

While you may receive a couple of hundred visitors to your website, you’ll need to convert them into actual customers. You can add a sign-up form to your website and capture email addresses by offering freebies, discounts or the lots. Email marketing plays a great role in transforming visitors to buyers and customers.

Segment Your List

It is important to segment your list according to the subscribers interest and other important information required to aid your marketing. important to segment them into groups that are

When you segment your list, you will know the subscribers who are more likely to respond favorably to your content. For example, you could target subscribers who have purchased a certain product in the past, those who have made a purchase in the last 24 hours, or those who have opened at least one of your emails in the past.

Send Targeted eMails

When designing your email campaigns, it’s important to target your subscribers specifically. This can be done by using targeting keywords in your email content; subject line and body.

You can target specific audience segments, such as women over 50, parents with children under 18, or customers in a certain city or country.

Send Regular Emails

Once a user signs up to your list, you can easily build a good relationship with them before conveying the value of your business to them via emails. By doing this you create a healthy relationship with them. You can ask to know about them, problems they face and what they expect from you as a brand.

Keep your subscribers updated on new content, product announcements, and other important information.

A good relationship with your subscribers will encourage them to make purchases from you instead of a competitor. Always use good and relevant email template designs to create your messages before sending them out so they don’t look basic and unattractive.

Entice Your Email Subscribers with Offers and Discounts

There is nothing better than sending an email campaign to promote a new service or product. Don’t forget to list the benefits of your product or service in your email.

If your readers know “what’s in it for them”, your email is more likely to have an impact. To entice your contacts to take action, you can offer an exclusive discount coupon with an expiry date. Be careful not to put too many calls to action in one email or bombard them with emails that will trigger the need to unsubscribe from your disturbance. Ideally, you only want to present one new product or service, with only one offer and send out few emails in weeks. 

Create compelling subject lines

Subject lines are one of the most important elements of an effective email marketing strategy. They should be catchy and relevant to your audience, and they should encourage subscribers to open the email. Some good tips for creating compelling subject lines include using keywords in your title. Emojis also work great as they tend to excite recipients.

Monitor Results Regularly

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your customers and drive sales and, it’s important to monitor results regularly. Results help you know when to adjust your strategy accordingly. If you notice that your subscriber numbers are declining or that engagement rates are low, you may need to make changes to how you’re operating your email campaign.

Build Customer Loyalty

If you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers, email is the way to go. Below are some examples of personalized emails you can send to your contacts;

  • Greeting Cards: customers would become loyal to you if you could wish them a happy birthday on their birthday.
  • We miss you: Send an automated email to subscribers who have not purchased in a while. Why not add a discount to sweeten the deal?
  • Newsletter: Send relevant content to your customers regularly, so they can discover what’s happening in your business (news, events, etc.).

Educate your customers

The same questions will often come up, which is why most businesses have a “frequently asked questions” section on their website. You can go the extra mile and address these issues in the form of a blog post or webinar etc. 

If those basic questions aren’t answered preemptively, customers might call your company’s customer service team, which will incur extra costs by tying up valuable manpower. Ask your customer service representatives about the most frequently asked questions, and produce content summarizing both the question and the answer. 

If you have the option of publishing content on your site easily, do so, and then send an email to all of the customers to which it applies with a link to the info. If it’s complicated to publish on your site, write the content directly in an email instead.

Convert your visitors into clients

You have invested time and money into a website and it’s generating more and more visits, but many of your visitors leave your site without making a purchase or requesting information. 

A very effective way to overcome this problem is by adding a registration form to add prospects to your email list and inviting people to sign up to receive interesting content (exclusive promotions and educational content). When these visitors register their email address, add them to your list, and send them what was promised.


A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners have shifted to social media marketing as I have said earlier which is a nice move, but why should you have one lot when two are available? Email promotion isn’t going anywhere and is still one of the best ways to move a lead to a prospect, a prospect to a buyer, and a buyer to a consistent customer.

No matter who you targets are or where they are located, email remains a great way to reach your audience. One-third of the digital customers prefer to receive communication from brands via email over any other channel (including social media and print ads). Sixty-six percent of consumers have purchased as a result of viewing a brand email.