How To Apply And get a fully approved US and UK Adsense Account

Everyday people from around the world search for possible ways to get AdSense approval and each day, people get scammed in an attempt to secure an already approved AdSense account. This issue is peculiar to most countries excluding just a few.

If you’ve been struggling to get AdSense approval for your website, chances are, you’ve read and applied virtually all the suggested account approval requirements and processes but end up being rejected over and over again. Trust me, I know that feeling, I’ve read too many complaints online and I often wish The google team could just tell us verbatim what they look for in a website!

Due to the many rejections and dejections, some persons somehow discovered an easy way of getting their AdSense account fully approved by applying mainly as US or UK citizens. Not the best thing to do, but truth is so many people have taken up this process as a means of survival. They apply, get approved and sell to those in desperate need of an account. However, most people don’t know that it’s very easy to apply and get approved as a US or UK citizen.

Getting approval for an account through the process you are about to read is actually scintillating but there is a draw back. You might find it difficult when it’s time to get verified! You stand a chance of losing your account in the long run. But not to worry, there is always a way out.

To save you the stress of getting scammed or buying an account, below are the easy steps of applying as a citizen of either of the aforementioned countries. Be careful not to get overwhelmed while reading this… Don’t get too inpatient!

Getting Started
I assume you already know the processes of applying for an AdSense account, but I will go over the basics briefly.

If you run your blog on the blogspot and still make use of the sub-domain, it doesn’t matter but you might want to reconsider getting a custom domain because you will end up with a hosted account which you’ll need to upgraded to a non-hosted AdSense account if in any case you decide to switch to a custom domain… Here is the thing;

Non-hosted account can be used on any domain or sub-domain.

Hosted account can be used only on blogs with sub-domain as well as other Google partner sites. There is an exemption to AdSense accounts gotten via YouTube.

What To Do Before Applying

As usual, just like most tutorial sites will preach, your blog should be well-structured with a good design and equipped with easy navigations. Then it should have core pages such as an About page, Contact, Copyright notice, privacy policy page and a few others.

Before you proceed to sending your application, try as much as possible to have meaningful contents on your blog. Nobody knows the amount of posts that pave way for AdSense approval but it doesn’t mean your blog should be empty.

Getting Your Virtual Address
After verifying the above listed requirements, you are ready to send in your application.

Before you begin your application, not to confuse you later, you will need a virtual address, which will serve an important purpose in your application process. There are lots of sites offering virtual addresses for shoppers with limited access to most foreign online markets. In this situation, these sites come in handy. Some of these sites offer their addresses for a fee while others offer it for free pending when you are ready to shop online. One of the free virtual address provider is “”.

Shoptomydoor is one of the many websites that give people the ability of shopping online (as earlier stated) from the US, UK and China. They stand in as a third party. They receive and send the goods to your location in your country of residence. But for this purpose, you will be using it to get a US or UK Address for free.

To get your address, you simply have to signup and verify your phone number after which you will be navigated to your dashboard where you should find your US and UK Address. Take note of your address and copy whichever one you want to make use of.

Once you’ve finalized your sign up process with and copied your address, either US or UK (depending on your choice), navigate to and start your application process.


1. Login with your email account if you’ve never applied for adsense but create a new gmail account if you have already applied with your current gmail account.

2. Enter your blog or website URL starting as instructed and select your language… Should be English if you speak English…

3. Fill in your details as required (use your real phone number + country code where phone number is required because you will need to verify it.)

4. Chose whatever country you desire making sure it’s either United Kingdom or United States depending on which you’ve decided to use (US applications often get approved easily).

Where you are asked for address, city, postcode etc. Fill them as given to you in shoptomydoor… Your postcode, address, city and state have been given to you by shoptomydoor so fix them in their right boxes accordingly.

As earlier stated, use your real phone number…

Once done, click on Signup, after which you will be directed to your Adsense dashboard, where you will be given some codes to copy and put in the <head> tag of your blog&#160; to begin the review and approval process for your blog.

If you blog on blogger, you’ll need to parse the code before pasting it. Visit my code parser page to do that before pasting it and after pasting, navigate to and check “I have pasted the code”.

Now, all you have to do is wait for approximately 24-72 hours or more. You should receive a reply from adsense whether you’ve been approved or not… You are most likely to receive an approval email.

Verifying A US or UK Adsense Account

I believe Shoptomydoor can receive and send your Verification pin to you for a fee but I can’t tell for sure if they’d accept to do that.

If you have friends and family in the US or UK, they could help you with verification or you can pay someone to receive it for you.

Receiving Payment with A US or UK Account

You could use payoneer to receive your payment…


  1. You nailed it. You are always on point. I came to understand that content and page is the basic requirements. I am working on my website now. I will implement this trick when am done. Keep up the good work.

  2. You can use Converter HTML to XML Also bro

  3. I will wait till AdSense approves my own as a Nigerian. Since am designing my blog myself, I’ll know its design is up to standard when AdSense approves my account.

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