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Following the more stricter YouTube partnership program rules for publishers, new and upcoming vloggers are somehow being forced to scramble for video sites like YouTube in setting up a profitable vlog.

There are tons of YouTube alternative sites, and in this article I will make sure that you get exposed to the popular YouTube alternatives for monetizing as well as my recommended YouTube alternative.

Why Look For Alternatives To YouTube?

Despite the popularity and widely usage of YouTube, its new rules has been a big blow to many Youtube channels. The difficulty of being a new or struggling vlogger can not be overlooked. You will have to lose out if you do not have up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watch time.

If your channel is currently being monetized, and you do not meet YouTube’s threshold before the end of February, you too will have to pack up, because monetization would be locked out for you.

Now most webmasters have had different contributions to make; many have applauded the YouTube team, others have castigated them. The bottom line is, there is nothing that can be done, and new users will have to struggle to meet-up with the new limits or look for video sites like YouTube which somehow have been lacking really strong components.

YouTube is not the Only Video Sharing Site That Pays Content Creators!

Most of us, even I believed that YouTube had no contender, whether they are weak or super strong! I thought YouTube was the only video sharing website that a vlogger can use in doing his/her job, but I was wrong, and so were you.

We have a few video sites like YouTube that you must have heard of or not. Without wasting time, let’s go over the 2 Popular alternative to YouTube, before dishing out my recommended alternative.

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a Popular Video Sharing site like YouTube. When it comes to vlogging and video sharing, Dailymotion comes in just after YouTube and most times, it is recommend as a great alternative to YouTube due to its similarity with the platform. The layouts and categories aren’t so different from the latter.

Earning Strategy On Dailymotion For Content Creators.

Dailymotion offers an attractive monetization program and is quite promising as content creators can make good money with the kind of earning strategy offered on the platform.

Dailymotion also has a partnership program which is open to all content creators for free, so long their videos are not copyrighted.

As a partner, you receive 70% off revenue generated through the videos on your channel. Although YouTube’s pay per view advertisement rate is higher than dailymotion, there is a greater chance of you earning as a new vlogger on the platform.

2. Vimeo

This platform, another popular alternative to YouTube is an amazing Video Streaming Alternative. Recently, its popularity is rising and there are tons of video ads on the internet, a target to entice vloggers victimized by YouTube’s demonetisation.

If you are good at making top notch and classic videos, chances are, you will excel so much on Vimeo.

Earning Strategy and Rules On Vimeo

Personally, If you are a start up publisher, I will not recommend vimeo as a YouTube alternative due to its disadvantage; the fact that membership is based on plans. The free basic plan offers 500MB weekly and 25GB yearly upload threshold and no monetization for content creators.

Vimeo also have a premium plus plan at threatening $59 per year which increases the upload limit to 5GB weekly and 250GB yearly. You are also not allowed to monetize your videos on this plan.

To begin monetizing your videos on vimeo, you will need to upgrade your membership to the pro account at $199 per year which gives publishers 20GB weekly and 1000GB yearly upload space. Thus if you need to make money on vimeo, you will need to pay for the pro account.

One awkward way that pro publishers make money on vimeo apart from pay per view is by getting tips from individuals who watch their videos.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Vimeo as a YouTube alternative to newbies and start ups, but the platform is definitely worth the try if you have up to the yearly subscription for the pro plan.

Proposed Best YouTube alternative

The world is changing rapidly and more earning opportunities are springing up every minute. These opportunities are creating avenues for people looking for ways to earn a living online.

Now below is my recommended YouTube alternative for vloggers demonetised on YouTube.


Dtube is a fairly new video sharing platform and a great alternative to YouTube that gives vloggers the opportunity to earn money in a totally different and amazing way.

D.Tube is the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.

If you have heard about steemit, then Dtube should not be new to you. The two platforms are somewhat intertwined. Dtube is linked to the blockchain social media platform, steemit. Thus, also a decentralized streaming video platform; but this time, enables you make money by uploading videos.

How You Make Money on Dtube

Dtube’s strategy is slightly different from the monetization strategy on YouTube; you make money (cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on your uploaded videos. You do not need to attain 4000 hour views, 1000 subscribers or even apply for an adnetwork in order to monetize your videos on Dtube.

The decentralized video sharing site can make you lots of money in a few months depending on your consistency and the quality of your videos.

Earning Strategy On Dtube

Just like steemit, You get paid in steem dollars on the 7th day of each video you have uploaded. Your total earnings is divided between you and your video likers; your likers get 25% and you get 75%. This 75% is further divided into two; you get 50% for cash out and 50% currency that is used to increase your vote value, generally referred to as steem power.

Why You should Join Dtube, Recommended YouTube Alternative 2018

  • As at this post, steem dollar cryptocurrency is currently priced at a fluctuating 4usd. Your earnings can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or real cash as the case may be.

  • You do not need a hundred thousand views or subscribers, neither so you need any additional network to monetize your videos.

  • You have a better chance of making money on Dtube than YouTube because, a single like than skyrocket your earnings compared to YouTube.

  • You can start making money on Dtube the very first day you become a member of the video sharing site. Your introduction video post can even make you in 7 days more than what most Youtubers make in months. Thus, even newbies can make money on Dtube.

How To become A Dtube Vlogger

If you are ready to hop into Dtube, the YouTube alternative as a vlogger; you will need to register on steemit (if you are not already a member) and wait to get approved within 2-4 days. After approval, simply visit then proceed to login with your steemit username and password or steemconnect interface.

Note; you need to keep your steemit password as securely and save as possible because once you lose your password, you can not retrieve it.

Important things to note if you intend Using Dtube Over Youtube

Despite clamouring that you use Dtube over YouTube, it is important that you know some of the challenges of using the proposed alternative to YouTube:

  1. Unlike YouTube that keeps monetizing videos as old as time, after 7 days, your Dtube videos get demonetized. So if you have made nothing from your uploaded video after 7days, you will have to brace up and keep going. Put shortly, there is no long term earning opportunities on Dtube.
  2. You need to be super consistent with Dtube, else you will make nothing, as old videos can not be monetized.

  3. Sometimes, you might get views but little or no likes with no value. Thus you must be creative.

  4. Dtube is built on a decentralized blockchain platform, and this makes content removal impossible. Once your video is up, it is up for life. So you need to be mindful of what you post.

  5. Editing Dtube videos are impossible for now, especially after the 7th day of your posting. Slightly discouraging I must say.

  6. Dtube might be challenging for a newbie as getting votes with value is often left for the influential members.

Final Note

Well, Despite the above listed flaws, I will say that Dtube is a very good YouTube alternative which needs more touches here and there… The platform is relatively new and there is great room for improvement.

Remember that you can start making money on Dtube as soon as you get approved on steemit

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  • Paramind

    February 27, 2018 at 5:47 am

    Steemit doesn’t approve anybody nowadays. Its up to two months and am still waiting for their approval.

    1. Joseph O.

      February 27, 2018 at 9:31 am

      Sure you are doing it right? I introduced two friends too steemit weeks ago and they got approved within 3days… Please your inbox properly and makeup sure you verified your email with them… Please send a message if you need more help.

  • Obinna Anyaibe

    February 22, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Wow! Should I call this good news?! Or maybe, a coincidental good news?!
    Hehe ?… Coincidentally, today, my friends and I were talking today about vlogging, more like they were advising me to expand my norm to vlogging, but I’m camera shy na ?
    One of my friends, a newbie vlogger, succeeded in convincing me to start vlogging, but I remembered what you said in your post about YouTube’s new policy for people who want to monetize their blogs, and I pointed this out to my friend who, surprisingly, wasn’t fazed. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” were his exact words (He uses YouTube by the way).
    I’m sorry for ranting, really. I’m just glad to know about an alternative to YouTube! Like you said, I thought YouTube was the only one one could use to earn and I was wrong! (That “policy” was my number source of demotivation to vlog) Thanks for the enlightenment! Great post, as always. Good evening.

    1. Joseph O.

      February 23, 2018 at 1:59 pm

      Lol, glad you found this helpful.

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