Domainking Taken Over By NIRA?


Earlier this month, February 2017, DomainKing Nigeria announced that they were having technical issues which had largely affected their customers. The India
based web hosting company haven’t been able to provide services or maintain services provided to its customers.
All websites hosted and domains bought on were down due to “server error”. Their support system never responded to queries and emails and their site was still open to ignorant victims, who bought services that never got completed or processed…They totally left their desperate customers hanging without tangible updates about their issues…
No update came from their Facebook page after 10th of February 2017.

Well, few days ago, when customers thought all was over because services seemed to have come back to normal and inaccessible sites were once more accessible, was shut down on 27th February 2017 hopefully temporarily by NIRA… Ouch!

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association
(NiRA) had taken the measure in other to ensure that the supposedly faulty hosting company is out of reach of ignorant Nigerians who maybe intending to make further payments and not get the services paid for.

Currently, is being redirected to NIRA’s official website, and for
now, No one can register nor sign into

According to a press release on NIRA website which have since been taken down for reasons best known to them, will be sanctioned if by 2nd May 2017 the company isn’t able to reactivate/ attend or respond to queries and complaints raised by the registrants.

Well, NIRA have the general public at heart, but what happens to those who don’t have access to their files because they have not backed up nor transfered their websites or domains?

To think I always recommended them…
Hopefully this gets resolved…
I sympathize with the people affected…

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