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How To Stop Running A Mediocre News Blog

July 31, 2017Joseph O.

There is something peculiar about News bloggers; a good percentage of them start a blog only to copy each other without making modifications.

The fact that their blogs are always similar with posts looking like “copied assignments” makes me wonder if they ever read what they post to the public. Most even copy their way to trouble.

If you feel the need to start a blog because you want to copy paste, then do not start an already failed journey.

How To Start A Blog That Matters

Approximately, only 1% of news bloggers actually write their own story, while the other 99% bloggers wait like scavengers, for the latest news post on such blogs.

Of course, it’s only normal to see several blogs writing about the same recent happenings because, just a few of them have the privilege of accessing first hand information about incidents. But then, people who read news and I’d be glad to read reports of the same incident in a different perspective. Obviously, that wouldn’t hurt a bit.

Laziness shouldn’t be a known quality of any blogger, but if you are one who enjoys copy pasting, permit me to say that you are lazy!

How To Start A News Blog That’s Unique

You are probably wondering how possible it is for you to start a news blog that doesn’t depend on already copy pasted articles?

You can actually avoid writing another blog or website’s report verbatim (word for word) by writing in your own words. There are several ways to publish a recent happening in your own way, and one of which is being an analyser of a report.

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What is a Blog? Who is a Blogger, What is Blogging?

Some news deserve to be countered, supported or debunked and some occurrences deserve your own view.

You can actually write about an already published incident by giving your own opinion on the matter.

You can add to issues by doing any of the following below;

  1. What you think would have been done. What you feel had the potentials of averting or making a situation worthwhile.
  2. What you would have done if a situation happened to you.
  3. Reply to controversies
  4. Be sarcastic, make fun of funny or awkward incidents/news.
  5. Point out mistakes.
  6. Talk about an interview.

Do something, give your opinion. You can actually accept, reject, support, or oppose actions or deliberations. It’s all up to you!

However, if you don’t find it comforting to chip in your own views, you can at least use your own words to write a reported news. You do not have to copy paste, at least not verbatim!

How To Start A Blog With Less Than $2

The most popular news websites online today report the same news, but trust me, you’d always be tempted to read every version of a story written in each of these website because, they are all unique.

What makes them unique?

They don’t copy each other’s headline.

They don’t copy paste.

They don’t write about the same incident word for word… They give readers reason to want to read each version of an occurrence!

Final Note

Sometimes you don’t have to be in that show to give your own opinions or write something about it. People need more than just reading the same news from different blogs. Start a blog because you want to be unique.

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There are lots of new blogs scattered here and there, but it takes uniqueness to stand out of the crowd.

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  • Paramind

    December 7, 2017 at 11:12 am

    I understand what u saying. More like a book review. Well I don’t like news, they are boring.

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