Create a Nigerian Facebook Ad account and Pay in Naira

Nigerian Facebook Ad account

So Naira payments for Facebook ads began officially on March 2017, with the help of the third party payment processor PayU. Currently, only Visa and Master debit Cards are open to be used on PayU, but this has been a life saver.

This post was created to help newbies who are still finding it hard to create and manage a Nigerian Facebook Ad account. I hope this tutorial does justice, so they can find their way through.

If you are still running your Facebook Ad account and paying in dollar, you might want to reconsider and switch over to A Nigerian Facebook AD Account, because it is much better to be charged in Naira. At least you would be able to track your AD spend rate properly.

Disadvantages of Using A Dollar Dominated Facebook Ad Account for Nigerians
• Most Naira debit cards are restricted from paying for Facebook dollar AD accounts.
• The Dollar to Naira rate is quite high and this can incur unnecessary spending…
• Inability to properly calculate AD spendings due to the fluctuating dollar to naira rate.
• Running adverts and discovering you can not pay with your debit card, thus, you find yourself in some crazy debt case.

Having highlighted the above drawbacks of using a dollar Facebook advertising Account, we will go further to learn how we make use of a Naira Facebook AD Account.

Before we continue, Note that; You must fund your Naira Facebook AD account before creating and running ads. This actually makes it better because you will not have to be indebted to facebook, unlike the usual advertising accounts we were exposed to.

How To Create A Facebook Ad Account In Nigeria and Pay in Naira

You can watch the video tutorial above if you rather not stress yourself with the instructions below

Note; If you already have created a facebook ad account previously, you will need to create a new facebook account and in order to create a new ad account.

Log on to and from your home page click on the drop down menu that displays your pages and other information in your account.

Now locate “Create Ads”. An ad Account will be created automatically for you.

Navigate to the settings Icon on your top screen and click to be redirected to your settings page.

Once you are in your settings page, click on “payment option”.

Now, in your payment option page, make sure you choose to show payment options for Nigeria else you will not find the Naira debit card option.

Once you’ve selected Nigeria, (this is often selected automatically for you) you will be displayed with 3 options, but choose to pay with Naira debit card.

You will be shown a pop up where you are to input the amount you wish to fund your Facebook ad Account with (You can choose to pay as low as N100).

You will be redirected to PayU payment page where you are to input the following;

  • 16digit card number,
  • Your account name and
  • Your card’s expiration month/year.

If your information is correct, you will be required to input a 1time pin (OTP) that will be sent to your approved bank number.

Note that some banks require you to register to be able to do some online transactions.

I use GTB debit and have never encountered any problem with funding my Facebook ad account using the PayU payment processor.

FAQ: What If my debit card has been blocked by facebook for some reasons?
ANSWER: PayU is a third party payment processor, thus you can use your blocked card to fund your account.

Although Verve cards are not currently accepted, we do hope that PayU gives verve users the privilege to begin paying with their debit cards.

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