Create a Beautiful Header Image for Your Blog With A Smart Phone

Create a Beautiful Header Image for Your Blog With A Smart Phone

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Create a beautiful Header image for your blog

This post holds the is going to be the easiest blog post on how to create a beautiful header image for your blog.

Creating Your Blog Header Image With A Smartphone?

Because we are going to be using our smartphone to do that! Let’s just say I like playing around with my phone, and along the line, I discovered that a smartphone can actually create a beautiful and professional-looking header for your blog, notwithstanding what it is about!

Honestly, I won’t recommend free online banner creators unless of course it’s canva or you are willing to settle for less. Most online banner creators are often limited. You don’t get a good header image design for free. You have to pay for the best of what you need and besides, a lot of people use the same header image designer, how about bumping into someone who uses exactly the same header design as you? Ewww!

Header Image Without Photoshop

Since you are not ready to spend money on designing your own unique header image, you should learn how to create one yourself. Well If you don’t have a laptop or access to Photoshop, don’t worry, we are going to be using something different.

In here, we will be making use of PicsArt, a great smartphone photo editor. It is one of the most downloaded and recommended smartphone photo editor. I have a post about PicsArt, and today we will be putting its capability to act.

Before we start, there are a few things you should know, as well as things we need to get started.

Here is what you should know about a header image.

  • Your header image isn’t your logo but an image that holds the basic information about your blog. Your header image can contain your description.
  • You can obviously place your logo in your header.
  • For simple and personal blogs, having a logo may not matter so long you have your header.
  • Your header should be appealing to say but the least.
  • Keep it simple

Here’s what you need to consider before designing your header image.

  • know your blog’s header dimension. It’s easy to know your header dimension. To know your header dimension in blogger, navigate to layout and attempt to edit your header, then choose to upload a header image, the recommended dimension will be shown.
  • Consider your niche. You should consider what your blog is about in order to design a beautiful header.
  • Before creating your header image, you should consider your header background, so they both can blend in. You can use any background image but I recommend using a transparent background to create your header image.
  • If you are going to be using texts, you should settle for a good font. PicsArt has some good fonts, but you can download your choice online.

Create Header image For Your Blog With a the SmartPhone

Below is a link to a transparent background picture in case you want to create a transparent header image… It’s totally blank.

Transparent background image link

Need fonts? Visit any of the sites below to download free fonts. Make sure you download fonts free for personal and commercial use.

How to add fonts to PicsArt

PicsArt accepts ttf fonts, there are tons of fonts in ttf formant online, search and download your fonts, unzip if necessary then copy and paste the font files inside the font folder in PicsArt folder in your phone files directory.

How to create a good header image for your blog

Well, we need a lovely image that can pass a message to our readers, at least about what our blog is all about. Let’s assume I’m creating a header image for a food blog. I’m going to download the transparent image above and I will crop a part of the image below for my header as well.

Header image designer

You can get free stock images from any site in the list of this blog post. Assuming the dimension of my blog header is 800 * 200 since I’m using a transparent background, I’m not necessary going to make my image up to 800 * 200 but not more than.

Below is an example of a simple header image created with PicsArt.

simple header image designer

I’ve used the transparent background image above, texts with PicsArt fonts, a cropped stock photo and line strokes to create the image… All I was trying to depict with the roof like line strokes is a kitchen. Not bad huh? Despite being simple, anyone who visits a blog with such a header should know it’s a food blog…

Why not play around with PicsArt and come up with a beautiful header image for your blog?

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