How to center your blog header on blogger

If you’ve been wondering how to center your blogger blog header, then here is a good news: yes, you’ve got a chance to make that happen.

By default, blogs on blogger have their header aligned left and that doesn’t really do justice to the beauty of a blog.

With just a little edit through css, You will not only center your header, you will also center your header title and its image.

This is just a simple fix, and doesn’t require you to temper with your theme’s (template’s) HTML.

How To Center blogger blog header

In your Blogger admin dashboard, click to view your theme’s section then click on Customize.
Click on the Advanced tab then locate and click on Add CSS.

Copy and paste the code below into the text box then click on “apply to blog”

#header-inner {
text-align:center !important;
#header-inner img {
margin: 0 auto !important;

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