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Building a Blog With SquareSpace

November 17, 2017Onome

squarespace review

I’ve always wanted to write an article about Squarespace, but I’ve been unable to do so, due to some limitations, like not having a personal experience with them. But today, I will be going over the website as a premium blogging platform for intending bloggers looking for the best place to start off their blogging journey.

Although I didn’t have to use their services for long after opting for a trial account, I was able to write an insightful post with the help of a former user, Kaveen.

In this blog post, I will be looking into both the basic and advanced features as well as expose you to some pros and cons of using Squarespace. You would likewise be given reasons why Squarespace may and may not be the best for your blog.

About Squarespace

Squarespace has been online since 2004, quite a long time I’d say. The drag and drop website builder boasts of millions of users using its space and services for their blogs/business websites.

Squarespace has a beautiful and welcoming homepage and is capable of offering its users image rich and well structured quality interface.

An Overview of Squarespace

As I said earlier, I opted in for squarespace’s 2weeks trial in order to have a feel of their services which I found rather amazing and not wanting to let go.

Disclaimer: My trial site didn’t go live for the two weeks… You are only allowed to have a feel of what you’d love buy.

The website is very self explanatory, even for a first timer. You don’t go through so much stress during sign up and the steps in creating and letting your site go live is extremely easy.

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They’ve set everything in place that will take you a step at a time unto the next level of creating your blog. Its admin panel is sleek and simple with menus that are straight to the point.

I found Squarespace to be great except for its price range which wouldn’t be suitable for newbies not having enough funds.

Its plans are as follows:

website plans; (Suitable for website)

personal $12/mo

business $24/mo

commerce plans (Suitable for online stores)

Basic $26/mo

Advanced $40/mo.

The prices above are applicable only if paid in full, annually but a bit higher if a buyer decides to pay monthly. You also get a free domain for one year when you pay annually.

Some Basic Features Offered in Squarespace

Squarespace offers some basic features any simple blog or website should have and these features include;

Templates and Designs

Squarespace gives its users beautiful and responsive templates that are optimized for all devices. The minimalist and classic look templates on squarespace posses are just amazing and perfect for bloggers looking to give visitors that impression of a professional looking blog.

Unlike most other blog and website builders, Squarespace makes it extremely easy for you to make changes to your website’s template and design without having to edit or alter codes. So you don’t have to be a master of codes to change your blog’s fonts, colour, sidebar, image opacity or size, and many more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Squarespace takes SEO seriously and has everything you need to get your website in search engines.

You can optimize your page descriptions and titles descriptions, your post permalink and titles as well as set up 301 redirects and 404 error pages.

Sites built with Squarespace auto generates sitemap.xml file, make use of clean HTML markup and as Google would want, are mobile friendly. You can also do the tiny customization in posts by adding alt tags to images and meta descriptions to pages.

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Squarespace offer free SSL to its users and it aids in search engine indexation.


You can monetize your squarespace blog as you would Monetize the regular WordPress or blogger blog. You can sign up with adsense or any other ad network, begin a review site for affiliate marketing or sell your own products and services through its shop functionality.


Squarespace offers users analytic view of their site traffic and performance in search engines as well as traffic sources. As a squarespace user, you are entitled to a Metrics section which will show hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly traffic statistics for visits, page views, and audience size.

You can also see you’d site’s activities like; referrers, popular content, and search engine queries. You can even view visitors’ IP addresses. At Commerce level, accounts get an extra Metric option such as Sales Overview, which show revenue and units sold by hour, day, week, or month.

Great Online Store

If you intend making money online selling, then squarespace’s got you covered. You can have a shop with unlimited products in both Personal and Commerce plans, but users get a 3 percent transaction fee on personal account and a 2 percent transaction fee on Business accounts.


Selling physical, digital products or services is possible on squarespace and you start selling once you add a Product page. You can input SKUs, regular and sale prices, tags, categories, dimensions, and custom options (color, size etc). There is also availability of Shopping cart and page for each product with custom URL. A squarespace store is as functional as and similar to any other online store.

Payment Processors

Currently, Squarespace has two payment processors; Stripe and Paypal. Buyers can also make use of Apple Pay from Safari (on iOS devices or Macs), a payment processed by Stripe. You can also embed Etsy stores if you sell on the website.

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Shipping physical products

As a seller, you can make use of USPS and ShipStation integration to facilitate sending products to buyers. Starting at $9 per month, you can get accounting support with Xero integration.

Pros of Using Squarespace

Definitely, from the short eye opening article about squarespace and its offerings, one can find two or more reasons to jump into the platform.

Some pros of Squarespace includes;

  • Easy to set up and understand even for newbs.
  • Sleek design and feel.
  • Perfect for personal, lifestyle, food and fashion bloggers.
  • Store integration for sellers. Free domain name.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Availability of useful widgets.
  • Great Search Engine Optimization technique.
  • Great customer support team.
  • Website security’s guaranteed.
  • Speed and access to data exportation.
  • Logo design functionality

Cons Of Squarespace

As the saying goes, every thing with an advantage has a disadvantage.

Below are some cons of squarespace;

  • Pricing is rather not enticing.
  • Lack of support for 3rd party apps and extensions.
  • Setting up squarespace can be a bit overwhelming at first.
  • No free service… Not a con per se.


Squarespace is a great website builder no doubt. And they are living up to their famous tagline “Build It Beautiful.” Everyone has a choice to make and your blog on Squarespace might just be a choice to make.

If you consider using squarespace notwithstanding the price range, your decision wouldn’t be one to be regretted. If you intend creating a personal, lifestyle, fashion, food or any other lightweight blog, then the hosted blogging platform is perfect to make use of if you don’t care about the price. Since it has that minimalist, elegant, sleek and chic look!

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