How To Build Your Personal Image; 6 Helpful Steps

Be honest with yourself. How much time do you spend thinking about your personal image? 

Personal image

Like most people, you may be so busy dealing with the challenges of life that makes you forget about your overall well being, ignoring your physical appearance. The way you present yourself can have a massive impact on how your life develops. More people might notice you, take you seriously, and want to get to know you. Now, that can help improve your career and relationships. 

Personal image is a virtuous cycle. When you look and feel good, your self-confidence shoots up. And when that happens, you develop a positive self-image that impacts your relationships and general performance in life. Understanding the importance of paying attention to your looks, makes it easier to mix self-care with your daily life endeavours. 

Tinkering with self-image, therefore, could be the keystone that supports a better life. You might not be able to work on your relationships or self-worth directly, but you can change how you view yourself, with positive knock-on effects everywhere else. 

If self-image is a virtuous cycle, how are you supposed to improve it? 

How can you tap into a cycle of success in your life? 

Let’s take a look;

Wear Clothes And Accessories That Make You Feel Good

What you look like on the outside can have a big impact on what you feel on the inside. Sloppy clothes, for instance, can make you feel slovenly, discouraging action. The process is unconscious, but it’s there. It’s why you often feel much more alert and ready to go out into the world after you’ve had a shower, not before. 

If you regularly visit website pages displaying models adorned in designer sunglasses to shoes, you can almost feel their confidence. It oozes through the screen and envelops you. 

But is that confidence inherent – just something that the models have? Or is it the byproduct of what they’re wearing? 

Mostly, it’s the latter. And you can tap into this force. Update your wardrobe and see how you feel. You’ll notice that you stand taller and feel prouder about the person you are. 

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is extremely important in human relationships. You need to maintain focus on the person you’re talking to about 90 percent of the time, looking away around 10 percent of the time. This 90:10 split seems to be the optimal ratio. Any more than that, and you’ll come across as too intense. Any less than that, people might think you lack confidence. 

Maintaining eye contact is something that you can practice if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Once you master it, the people around you will naturally assume that you’re more confident, intelligent, and able to deal with the challenges of the workplace. 

Take An Empathetic Tone

People want to be understood more than practically anything else. They want others to peer into their souls and recognize how they feel. 

However, most people never have interactions like this. They feel invisible for the majority of their lives. 

Because of this, anyone in their environment who displays genuine empathy stands out. It’s such a rare thing, that people naturally gravitate to it and want more of it. You don’t have to have the highest attainment, but if you have empathetic skills, you can progress tremendously in your career in a very short time. 

Empathy is all about stepping into the other person’s shoes and feeling emotions as they do. It’s a skill that requires both imagination and experience. But once you get the hang of it, it can change your personal image for the better. People will start seeing you as a sage, coach, and true friend.

Take More Pride In Your Appearance

While many people don’t like to admit it, appearances matter. How you look plays a large role in determining your ultimate success, especially in the areas of life that really matter

So it pays to take some time to consider how you look. It’s not about “objectifying” yourself. Instead, it’s just about bringing out the best that nature gave you for your own gain. You’re not trying to impress anyone. Instead, you’re taking advantage of the current situation where others judge you (often without knowing it) based on the way you look. It’s a reality of life. You can either rage against it, or use it to your advantage. 

Taking pride in your appearance doesn’t always involve making dramatic changes. Wearing a new blouse or adding one accessory to your outfit is usually all it takes. Mixing up your hair can also have a massive impact. 

Adjust The Pitch Of Your Voice

Your voice determines your personal image to some extent. If you speak in hurried, high-pitched tones, it can affect how people perceive you. As with personal appearance, it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does. 

You can massively improve your personal image by slowing down your speaking rate and saying each word clearly. By avoiding mumbling and keeping the tempo slow, you can present yourself as confident and trustworthy. 

If you’re struggling to slow down, try practicing at home by yourself. Read something aloud, practicing each syllable of the word. It’ll sound strange to you at first. But remember, most people in your life just want clarity and direction, not mountains of information. 

Believe You’re Better

Many people have an overly negative inner critic which continually puts them down. While it’s true that we need our minds to provide some course correction, we don’t want so much that it damages us emotionally. Unfortunately, some inner critics prevent people from reaching their full potential. And that’s a tragedy. 

One approach to dealing with this issue is to just believe that you’re better. Once you start entertaining the idea that there’s not much difference between you and others (including highly successful people), it changes your psychology and emotions. Suddenly, you feel like you actually could do all the things that you want to do with your life.