Blogging Misconceptions some Bloggers have

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blogging misconceptions
Every day is a good day to learn new hacks and learning more about blogging is something I wish to keep doing. I hope you’d want to learn also
I once had some of these blogging misconceptions and I may not be wrong to say I’m not alone on this one.
This actually isn’t true. You don’t grab a user’s attention just by merely throwing contents at them, you should know that quality is way better than quantity. So, just a few posts a week that are unique, solid, interesting and informative is enough to grab the readers you wish to grab and much better than so many posts that are short, uninteresting, pointless, scrappy and useless.

Good Content Gets Found

I always thought this way until I realized it was only but a farce. Most times bloggers get wrongly informed that when you make your posts extremely good and satisfying visitors will come, But truth is, creating a great blog post doesn’t mean it’s going to get thousands of clicks, shares and tweets. You obviously have to work for it and make it stand out from the crowd. And brilliant posts don’t just get to the top of a search, it takes more time.

You can start a blog and make money immediately.

Someone asked me to create a download site for him because he felt once his visitors download the videos uploaded, he makes some cash. Well! Obviously, some crazy idea he had about owning a blog. If you’re thinking about delving into blogging so you could start raking in the money, you might want to reconsider your decision because it doesn’t work that way.

Blogging is Easy

Well, most of us had this misconception and trust me, we end up getting damned by experience. Most times just searching for the right title takes more time than writing the post. I spend more than an hour in crafting just one post and In addition to writing the posts, each post has to formatted, proof-read, and edited. You still need to search for images or photographs you’ll edit and use. So how easy has blogging been for?

Everything has been blogged thus nothing to blog about.

There is nothing that has been blogged about that can not be re-blogged, what matters is your uniqueness. There are tons of blog posts pointing to the same direction but in different tones.

What blogging misconception do you have?

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