Blogging For Beginners: How to make blogging fun

blogging for beginners
Blogging is fun, especially when you don’t make it look difficult. Most people feel and believe that blogging is a very difficult task, reasons being that so many people have made it look like a gold in the market due to the fact that they jump at it from the wrong angle… This isn’t good.
There are many ways you can make blogging not so neck breaking:

1). Blog about what you know!
It’s actually nice if you blog about what you know and not just what you think others blog about. If you really have no specific area of specialisation, I’d suggest you blog about yourself, it’s fair enough at least.
If you are an individual who enjoys changing new clothes and searching for the latest trends, there is a good chance you’d make a viral fashion blogger! What if you just like to talk about and search for celebrity issues? You should start a blog and stop “Facebooking” your talent away! Don’t get yourself stuck in an ox’s body when you are actually a sheep (literally).
If you have an idea, knowledge or even search about something that is rear, whose answer isn’t so good, worth initiating, or it’s likely outdated, chances are there is a million or a thousand others searching for what you find not so good… There will be a +1 solution in the Internet if a new relevant blog is created and a better answer/solution added to several others…

2). Learn from others
There is a saying; you never know it all. Blunt as it may be, despite your the width of your knowledge, you can be never it all, which is why it’s good if you make a mentor out of someone who has been in the blogging sphere longer than you. No knowledge is a waste. Apart from learning from top bloggers in your niche, you could also single out posts you think can be improved on (I didn’t say copy paste).
While you blog, don’t be an island lest you sink without knowing it. Bookmarking several other blog like yours doesn’t make you a loser, it only makes you someone willing to learn deeper and improve in his expertise.

3). Don’t Make it look like it’s all about the money
It’s obvious that we all realised how enriching blogging can be but truth is, many have put the money ahead of it all and the reason for their blog ignored.
I’d surely love to see the money rolling in but when it doesn’t happen, I wouldn’t abandon a project and switch to another… Make your blog something you enjoy updating despite the shortcoming of not making the money. Virtually not all blog can be monetised trust me. And most times, even with the magnetisation agents, nothing comes in!

4). Make out Time for yourself
Do you know that blogging has a way of taking the life out of you? Yes you should know, especially if you ended up making blogging not just a hobby. Since blogging is all about writing, you’d find every part of your activities a new topic idea for your blog and because you wouldn’t want to forget, you’d abandon what ever fun it is you are having to draft something down (personal and lifestyle bloggers are mostly guilty of this). You should probably create a timetable (even though you may never follow it :), at least start from somewhere), learn how to manage your blogging in a way it doesn’t affect your health because, health is wealth!

Honestly, blogging can be fun when you set some things and beliefs about blogging straight… It’s always nice to indulge in something you enjoy… If you think blogging is too difficult, then you should probably quit it and find a new hobby!


  1. Very nice post. But no quitting. I’ve come too far to quit.

  2. I have a blog i.e. Its nice to read these, will help me better blogging

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