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Blogger’s Diary: Time At A Fashion Show

November 18, 2016Joseph O.

bloggers diary

What you are about to read, if you read my previous post on Blogger’s Dairy shouldn’t shock you. Well, incase you’d love to read the previous one, Here you go, Blogger’s Diary: A Bump Into Modeling

The Fashion show held yesterday, it was amazing, intriguing and worth applauding! but disappointing… I wrote about some models and entourages I wouldn’t want to get jealous of. Well, good news is, I finally didn’t have to ask for some tip or envy them and bad news is the organisers selfishly took advantage of them. Probably because they are students?
No Costume, models, entourages and Makeup artists weren’t paid either… Why make promises you can’t keep? Now my friend have to nurse some broken nail which is actually really painful. Apart from that downside, I guess I over reacted, there were just students, students and students with tickets That weren’t actually bought. lol.The models worked for free
Entourages worked for free
Ushered worked for free…
I went for free… Lol
All thanks to my beautiful friend who suddenly quitted when she discovered they weren’t gonna get paid, I wouldn’t have gone if she didn’t get herself a degree in cajolement. Lol.
I’m not a model, I have no idea about the whole practise but I think the ladies and the guys gave in their best, worth applauding…

I definitely won’t forget to make mention of a cute plump lady that actually stole the crowd’s admiration with her seductiveness… The dress showcased actually seem more palatable on plump ladies. ‘m a #TeamSlimGirlsRock! But I’ve got to be truthful, runway models do not have to be skinny. Men made the rules, they can bend or break it!
I couldn’t enjoy the every bit of the event because we were scared of the dark and had to run home! Last night was fun!
Fashion shows are actually cool anyway.

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  • Paramind

    December 7, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    You didn’t take pictures? Would have loved to see the plump lady u talking about. Lol

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