Blogger's Dairy: A Bump Into Modeling

bloggers dairy
OK,  I will try my best to be truthful…  no lies, I will come out straight… 
Good evening and Happy Sunday  (not too late for one)
So Last week, my female folks were all overboard with this cranky conversation… Suddenly, each and everyone of them wanted to be a runway model,  not setting aside the plump one,  OK,  I’m not saying you have to be slim to be a model, but the society surely thinks so. Well, a few of them grabbed the bull by the horn and went auditioning for a company whose name I wouldn’t mention,  except that when pronounced, it sound like ‘evil’ lol. 
It’s been three days since my friends began practising catwalking et modeling and truth be told… I laughed my head off while they walked rather crazily… 
so the main ish here now is that, according to what I understood, from a close source, they are going for some sort of show which would require some of them to be the runway models for the occasion, some are going to be entourages. and these entourages are to please whomsoever they get assigned to…  
lol. OK?  
So,  what does this actually mean?  
OK,  I’m student and I definitely need money, and 50k is huge! But what does pleasing someone really mean I’m here?
 I’m trying not to have a dirty mind but I can help it… What does it mean to do whatever they are asked to do?  Uhmm, 
 I’m trying not have this skeptical mind but I just can’t help it! Lol…  Well,  50k as earlier mentioned is huge especially when you don’t have to stress yourself so much to get it… Lol
Well, I hope it all turns out good for them. And yeah! The show is in Thursday, I hope to have some goodnews as against my crazy crazy confused thoughts… 

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