Why Blogger Is The Best Place To Blog For Free

Last Updated On: February 10, 2020

How to Start a blog

Blogger is the best platform for beginners and it is even cool for professionals.

Having used blogger to start up my blogging spree four years ago, I’ve realized that unlike what many feel about blogger’s complex interface, I understand blogger more.

There are lots of free blogging platforms out there but blogger has proven to be the best of them.

If you don’t have the funds to create the perfect WordPress.org blog, you could just stick to blogger.com. even if you don’t like the default template, there are tons of free and premuim blogger templates online!

I tried using WordPress.com but I couldn’t understand its numerous limitations and although I could learn, I was in love with blogger already and couldn’t switch.

1. Blogger is a free hosting site and unlike WordPress.com, its users have access to unlimited hosting space.

2. Unlike wordpress.com, Blogger doesn’t and wouldn’t prompt any user to display ads on their blogs for the services rendered. Thus ads on any blogger blog appears because such user want to monetize their blogs. You can monetize your blog by applying for AdSense.

3. Blogger is more friendly to blogs hosted on its platform and also auto indexes its hosted blogs.

4. Blogger allows users to purchase and add a Custom domain to their blog to override the default URL for free.
5. Blogger allows varieties of plugins but many users do not know about this…

6. You could customize your template and add raw XML modifications to your blog template.

7. CSS on blogger is very easy to add

8. AdSense with blogger is even easier if you build your blog beautifully and content wise…

9. There tons of free and different varieties of templates for blogger users… Be it fashion, news, sports, games and even games!

In as much as I prefer blogger to WordPress, WordPress is an awesome blogging platform if you are paying for it. You can actually opt in for the self hosted WordPress using a good web host.

I wouldn’t advice anyone to start up a blog on the WordPress.com blogging platform, because it is so limited and the long run may have to spend some money.

Although blogger is free to use, you need to be civil in your part to avoid termination. Thus do not post adult related stuff on your blogs!

If you are ready to start your free blog, head over here and read a simple guide on creating your first blogger blog.

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  • Paramind

    December 7, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Blogger is good. The only problem I have is with their Mobile version. It isn’t much responsive and beautiful.

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